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The Stealthy Subjugation of An Accommodating Mind

It was a different kind of life before the advent of the Cathode-ray-Tube (CRT); Tele-Vision to the rest of us mortals; pastoral, less intrusive. Now that the CRT has been boiled down into the micro-technology of our ubiquitous, all purpose … Continue reading

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Much steam is being vented from establishment media sources regarding the issue of ‘Fake News’, but nowhere from this tower of babel does flow any mention of its parentage. The art of fake news; intentional deception, has spent a number … Continue reading

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Psychology of FEAR and the Magicians of Sound and Vision

While researching aspects of False-Flag terrorism, I came across this interesting bit of analysis, published at: InformationLiberation, on Feb. 16th 2006: Television and the Hive Mind Sixty-four years ago this month, six million Americans became unwitting subjects in an experiment … Continue reading

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Blowback: Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Father of CIA – Don’t Look Back

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated that “The Dulles brothers were traitors.”  Some historians believe that Allen Dulles became head of the newly formed CIA in large part to cover up his treasonous behavior and that of his Nazi … Continue reading

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