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United States Dictates Whims of Capital Markets Through NATO and United Nations

Aired on C-SPAN3, Senate Armed Services Committee – March 7, 2012 – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declares to Senator Sessions that the military can take action authorized by the UN or NATO before it is authorized by the US Congress. … Continue reading

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Breeding Terrorists While Aborting Life on the Battlefield for Corporate Profits!

TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION: Lean forward just a little bit more! When we’re finished…….run! And don’t look back! Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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The Animal Farm

With glassy eyes rolled back into their skulls, frenzied grins, caught in the throes of self-deprecating pleasure, the herd of Donkeys and Elephants earnestly watch the fornicating Bulls and Bears upon the stock exchange floor, while the gathering crowd cheers on for … Continue reading

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