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United States Dictates Whims of Capital Markets Through NATO and United Nations

Aired on C-SPAN3, Senate Armed Services Committee – March 7, 2012 – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declares to Senator Sessions that the military can take action authorized by the UN or NATO before it is authorized by the US Congress. … Continue reading

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Red-Lining the Clownish Mannerism’s of Bibi Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu entered the assembly hall of the United Nations; a body for which Israel and its party of war has repeatedly shown little respect; evidenced by their contemptuous breach of every single UN Resolution ever levied against them, … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan Summons ET at United Nations to Unite Military Minds of Earth

Rabid anti-Communist, sleeping prophet, Ronald Reagan speaks to packed UN assembly, stating how great  it would be for ET to show its face so that the Earth’s population could unite its machinery of carnage against it, while saving a few for Jesus. On 21st September … Continue reading

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