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CIA-Mossad in Benghazi, Five Dancing Israelis and The USS Liberty

Something Very Fishy is Going on Here! Did someones ‘October Surprise’ go belly up? Or, is the ‘Operation Northwoods’ of Benghazi still on schedule, going according to plan; a zealot’s fulmination emanating from that toxic mindset within the bigoted factions of the fundamentalist far right; purveyors of Islamophobia, who clamor to … Continue reading

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Venezuela Refinery Explosion – Ecuador / Assange Standoff – Sabotage

My first gut reaction was, I wonder if the refinery explosion could have been a clandestine retaliatory event sparked by the Assange/Ecuador Standoff. There’s no doubt about it that Assange has pissed off the Fascist Corporatocracy. In a speech on … Continue reading

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