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Banksters Find Civil War-Era Law to Undermine Bitcoin

The wily wolves are still at it, cloistered within their hallowed sanctuaries, salivating in their private huddles, hair-triggered to pounce at any opportune moment to bring down that, untethered, Bitcoin child, an irritant and growing threat to their con game. … Continue reading

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Four Salvos Over Bitcoins’ Bow Fail to Bring it Down

China’s Bitcoin Two-Step & Side-Step The Bitcoin child has, literally, walked into the banksters gaming houses and pissed into the financial machinery of the one-armed bandits. Bitcoin began life in China as the Messenger that would save the world from … Continue reading

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JP Morgan Complicit In Vatican Bank Money-Laundering

The Council of Europe presented a preliminary report in Strasbourg Wednesday on massive money-laundering by the Vatican. As JP Morgan was the Vatican’s chief bank until the scandal broke, The Morgue may soon have a much bigger scandal and PR … Continue reading

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