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The Marketing of War and the Fine Art of Industrial Murder

Please! Stop with the niceties; the mushy poetry; the bombs bursting in air, in celebration of murder! Anyone joining the ‘Industry of War’, thinking their about to be trained to do nice things to other people, has a screw loose. … Continue reading

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A Black Man Hostage in a White House

The title of this blog is actually representative of two passionate young men elected to the office of US President; both hostages of a perverse culture. One, whose naive but good intentions seem to have been psychologically neutered, a hostage of … Continue reading

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A Nation that Produces Nothing but Munitions and Bombs Bursting in Air

We have blossomed into a nation that produces nothing of significance, other than the manufacture and export of munitions and death, enabling a corporate oligarchy of empire, a rule through brutish force, as it itself luxuriates and washes its people … Continue reading

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Does this Place Russia into NATO’s Category of a Failed State?

NATO will suspend all “practical civilian and military cooperation” with Russia because of its annexation of Crimea. Russia as a failed state, what does that imply? Richard Cottrell in his compendium: GLADIO, makes the following observations regarding NATO membership: * Professor … Continue reading

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Einsatzgruppen of The 3rd Reich and The Predator Drones of The CIA

CIA’s National Security Chief of State, Petraeus, has called for an Escalation in Drone Activity. These are the new Einsatzgruppen Mobile Killing Units born on the Eastern Front of another era, matured in technology, the spawn of the Third Reich, now laden with antiseptically located anonymous snipers, … Continue reading

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The Terror Wars – From Nazi V1 Missiles to USA Terror Drones

The “War on Terror” should more properly be called the “Terror War,” one in which terror has been directed repeatedly against civil population’s, including bombs and rockets delivered aerially and remotely via high-tech drones. Yes, we’ve come a long way baby, from Nazi … Continue reading

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