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The Marketing of War and the Fine Art of Industrial Murder

Please! Stop with the niceties; the mushy poetry; the bombs bursting in air, in celebration of murder! Anyone joining the ‘Industry of War’, thinking their about to be trained to do nice things to other people, has a screw loose. … Continue reading

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Is Putin Being Lured into a Gulf of Tonkin Trap to Justify USA NATO Escalation

The following paragraphs are synoptic highlights from the full story: Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap? The concerns are similar to those I have constructed in some of my previous posts. Please take note of the neocon mindset, the Gehlen Org, … Continue reading

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Spilling Over in Ukraine, Gehlen Org, Nazi International, Global War on Terror

The ‘right-wing’ is synonymous with the old, rabid anti-commie league; the Paperclip Gehlan Org, which exhibited its ugly disgusting face during the McCarthy era. The same mindset which killed JFK, and others! It’s gangrene has grown into the “Nazi International”, moves … Continue reading

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Russia to Drown Monsanto With Non GMO Agribusiness of its Own

GMOs: THE CONTRAST BETWEEN CONGRESS AND THE DUMA – JP Farrell Russia to drown Monsanto with an agribusiness market of their own, the model will be clear: heirloom seeds, no royalties, and no KGB spies poking around farmers’ fields to ensure … Continue reading

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NDAA a Rapid Descent into Corporate Totalitarianism

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the American government has been slowly occupied by criminal corporate thugs who shelter their larceny behind suits and ties, while wrapping the illicit proceeds of their enterprising ways within a symbol that … Continue reading

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Major General Smedley Butler and The Fascist Takeover Of The USA

1934 U.S. corporate elitists calling Roosevelt a traitor to his class for having implemented his New Deal policies, tried to involve Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler in a treasonous plan to foment an armed coup against Roosevelt. Instead, Butler … Continue reading

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Breeding Terrorists While Aborting Life on the Battlefield for Corporate Profits!

TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION: Lean forward just a little bit more! When we’re finished…….run! And don’t look back! Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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