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Darkwallet, Set to be Released February 2014

Cody Wilson and Amir Taaki, the core developers of Dark Wallet; have set it to be released in February 2014, guarantee the software will be  free and easier to use when compared to the current alternatives. Darkwallet’s goal is to simplify every Bitcoin-related … Continue reading

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Max Keiser Discusses Bitcoin’s, Stealthy, Darkwallet With Co-Founder Cody Wilson

“Darkwallet is a fanfare for the common man” – Cody Wilson *** “The universe believes in encryption. It is easier to encrypt information than it is to decrypt it. We saw we could use this strange property to create the laws … Continue reading

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Bitcoin a Democratic Money System for ‘The Little People’

What is Bitcoin? Create a Bitcoin Account Bitcoin Donation Banners & Buttons for Bloggers For those of you new to the Bitcoin technology, perhaps you may remember an earlier, peer-to-peer file sharing analogy to it, Nabster. Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer currency sharing, avoids the … Continue reading

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