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The Stealthy Subjugation of An Accommodating Mind

It was a different kind of life before the advent of the Cathode-ray-Tube (CRT); Tele-Vision to the rest of us mortals; pastoral, less intrusive. Now that the CRT has been boiled down into the micro-technology of our ubiquitous, all purpose … Continue reading

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Much steam is being vented from establishment media sources regarding the issue of ‘Fake News’, but nowhere from this tower of babel does flow any mention of its parentage. The art of fake news; intentional deception, has spent a number … Continue reading

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Former CIA Director Allen Dulles Ordered Hit on Kennedy

Just like the horse thief, Banana Republic it has proven itself to be, from that 1963, Dallas event forward… the wonder of Capitalism is still busting kneecaps and liquidating heads of state, incompatible with Game-Street Markets. Throughout the Cold War, the … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Escape to Argentina

It was Hugh Trevor Roper’s: The Last Days of Hitler, that pretty much set the official narrative about what transpired in the bunker during the closing moments of WWII. In light of recent discoveries though, Roper’s work is now incomplete. … Continue reading

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Blowback: Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Father of CIA – Don’t Look Back

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated that “The Dulles brothers were traitors.”  Some historians believe that Allen Dulles became head of the newly formed CIA in large part to cover up his treasonous behavior and that of his Nazi … Continue reading

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