Schwaller de Lubicz

Alchemist 1887-1961

The glass is colored by the spirit of the metal, by the color-form. Being form, color combines a sensorial materiality with a spiritual perception. Only the gesture will give you the knowledge; without the gesture, you can only conceptualize. Only correct perception will teach you the gesture, it cannot be shown from man to man. The gesture must be found, and only perception of form can invite the gesture. The color-form of metals is the spiritual imprint on those metals, the imprint of the metallic soul, its link to spirit. Separation into above and below, for a metallic entity, is separation of the colored spirit from the basic gray lead body, without destruction of the latter.

There is no limit to the madness of a misguided puffer. Didn’t it become evident that Δ exists? If it had, you would understand the Secret. It is personal, very private, a glimpse into the divine workings of Δ power of genesis. And it is bound to be misused by rationalists, positivists, empiricists, or whatever else they call themselves; every insight gets debased into distractions from what really counts. I am not anxious to contribute valuable information about the nature of things to governments that make bombs out of such insights. You have no idea of the length to which some people will go!

I hope you don’t visualize the philosopher’s stone as a rock or other mineral body to be locked up in a cupboard when not in use. The stone includes the gesture that handles it, that makes it happen; its identity as stone exists only in the manipulation; at other times it is that most common and valueless substance the books talk about as being found anywhere.

Aor rediscovered the quality of the glass of the old stained glass windows and the secret of the two “royal colors” which no chemical product can produce: the blues and reds of Chartres.

The glass is typically an alchemical result encountered only within Hermetic circumstances, so that not only language, science, and art, but even history and geography appear as meaningful Hermetic genesis. The substance of the esoteric organization sought transmission along three paths of succession. Knowledge left temples through Greek visitors such as Thales, Pythagoras, and Plato; modified by sharpness of Greek concepts, it established presence at roots of Western philosophy; a second through Egyptian Gnosticism and heretical Christianity; a third through images of the Tarot whose cards, just as surely as the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, are said to portray the structure of the sacred science of the Egyptians (Gypsies as they were called in the Middle Ages).

Aor maintained that the material processes of the Alchemical opus are banal, that they occur at every moment in every laboratory in plain view of everyone. There are no special or hidden chemical events, and the alchemical processes are of the most usual sort, so common that they escape notice, as I repeated again and again with regard to materia prima in alchemical texts. The difference in the esoteric manipulation lies entirely in the apprehension of the event: it is a matter of perception, of vision. It is the art of a philosopher and not transmissible as method.

“Don’t forget, in the primitive mind, the mind of nature, intuitions do not take the shape they take in our learned heads. The greatest benefit in reading a Pharaoh’s symbolique is akin to participation in the natural mind of primitive nature. We can never duplicate the unspoiled clarity of it.”

Salt of the Earth -> The 6 pointed seal of materiality; balancing Δ (fire) with ↓(water) ◊

… a colored luminosity hovering above the ashes of the form.
Omnia ab uno et in unum omnia. Hic lapis est stubus te, supra te, erg ate et cir ca te.

Aor: “The whole Work of the Universe in me.” This relentless reminder quite natural introduces a philosophy where the other disappears into the same, and egoless individuality encompasses the both, as it encompasses the rest of creation, being absolute. The individual subject as such, representing the whole, its responsibility is towards the whole.

THE UNFORSEEN DEBACLE – Theocracy, a spiritual monarchy, is the structure of tyranny when debased to political materialism.

In 1919, how could Aor have possibly divined the future portents, his benign actions, within the clutches of depraved egos would rain down upon civil society?

It was Isha’s injured ego, clamoring for release, in the process swept Aor’s alchemical aspirations shooting down into the infernal regions. Following Aor’s death, Isha pierced the heart of his alchemical work with venomous arrows of altercated language, which in the aftermath congealed in an atmosphere of paranoid xenophobia.

It was in Greece that what de Lubicz called the “great deviation” to modern scientific materialism began and where the sacred science of the Temple began to submerge. In order to explain these things an obligation to use word arises, which , though they define the idea, are by that very fact misleading only the symbol can describe/translate the synthetic sense of thought. It is a question of evoking that which can no longer be defined. The only true means of expression is the symbol and the hieroglyphic writing that can be inferred from it.

Aor’s Pharaoh as hypotenuse (3-4-5 triangle) and Crowley’s tablet of revelation were both a quality of surprise; the haphazard stirring of the unconscious carried a special unprepared inevitability for both of them.

In the 5th Key of the 12 Keys of Basil Valentine, in order to explain the abstract character of this “Fire”, Basil gives the symbol of an image reflected in a mirror: “One sees the image but cannot touch in.”

The outer fire is only a projection of that inner animating flame; just as unconscionable, externalized, can cook your stake to perfection as well as set the world on fire.

Pealing away centuries of cerebral materialism – hence division, Schwaller de Lubicz deftly exposes the intended function of the symbol which purpose was to convey innate intuition; something dogmatic materialism has successfully buried by pandering exclusively to the sensory organs, effectively silencing a crucial voice of nature.

All roads do not lead to Rome, but to Egypt. Rome was only a divisive wedge of inflated egos; an interruption on the path to gestation, which imbued itself with the ‘material’ aspect of Atonist symbolism, conflating it for self-serving purposes. You see, all of nature is a symbol, but our cerebrally conscious cage of materialism has rendered us deaf, dumb and blind to its voice of intuition.

As a chink in the armor of power, this very knowledge acquired by the Templar’s, gave rise to their being ferreted from the four corners to be consigned to the flames of the rotisserie.

The feigned Nazi connections of de Lubicz, some purportedly claim, are spurious, unfounded, and totally without merit; which only exposes the shallow nature of those authors who succumb to the victor’s stories.

In later years, Aor shunned the political scene, escaping the bright lights of the ego, in favor of solitude; who feared and distrusted the blind material sciences of the industrial age that was responsible for the carnage left in the wake of WWI and the machinery of a brutal military beast it had given birth to.

“The forces in the universe are neither good nor evil, but misappropriated, in the hands of those who perceive those forces as weapons of power, then do they manifest as evil.”

In other words, the same knife you use to butter your bread, within the hands of a perverse ego-maniac, can also cut you!

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  1. The Egyptian Tarot of Schwaller de Lubicz has been printed in May 2019 in 986 NUMBERED COPIES, under the direction of Giordano berti, italian historian of esotericism in art.
    Together with the deck there is a wonderful BOOKLET with 90 illustrated pages, written by Giordano Berti, Aaron Cheak and Ada Pavan.


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