The Abramelin

Mage, flanked by Wisdom and Secret……thought I’d share it with you…..ensconced within my own mountain of verbiage, of course.

Symbolically…like the wind, male & female references, or aspects in this literature are to be perceived as inclusive forces of nature (Neteru), not as ‘disassociated’ outside of nature — man & woman — individual entities, but as willful sentient expressions of a collective cloud; at times driven by that blind grasping turbidity of the sub-nature (witness the daemon of Gollum), while the ego keeps the window shut. The Kabbalah is an abstract key, or map, if you will, to assist in jarring that window open, similar to the Grail quest stories; only to be approached by a pure heart.

Please take note, let me paraphrase Israel Regardie’s annunciation: the Kabbalah is in no way, shape or form a religious doctrine. Hebrew references are required because they are the ‘only’ Egyptian linked fragments that survive this very ancient, Gnostic type accessibility….that does not require membership into the nefarious business of organized egos!

Regardie was a very astute admirer of CG Jung. They all came from that same period of like-minded seekers, whose findings, unfortunately, were exploited by the sinister forces of depravity from that time.  Regardie became Crowley’s secretary for a time, until Crowley published the inner workings of the Golden Dawn, but that’s a completely different chapter. The best two ‘western’ books on Kabbalah, by Regardie, that I’ve discovered, should you find interest, are:

A Garden of Pomegranates

The Tree of Life

Both are new editions from the original 1930’s era editions.

I’m fully aware that Jung marched to the tune of a different drummer and played a prominent role with assisting the western mind in re-opening that occult window which Constantine had shut on the Orient. My distaste for the ‘industry’ of psychology rests with the Freudian’s who have diminished this knowledge, utilizing it as a tool to prey upon the consuming masses; turning this knowledge into a capital machine by which to surreptitiously milk the public of its hard-earned labor, among other cruel manifestations. See the BBC production: The Power of Nightmares.

What nightmares these kings and priests do weave, to maintain security in the realm of shadows!!

The high priests of material science, its dogmatic prison has severed the umbilical cord, depriving humanity from experiencing that fleeting mirage that sometime provokes us from beyond the anchor of our material sense organs, have left us to languish as incomplete denizens with an insatiable thirst, while the neural circuitry continues to be stretched to the limit by the eye-candy of its electronic wizardry.

Christianity should not have hated magic; but human ignorance always fears the unknown. The Knowledge of ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Secret’ was obliged to conceal itself, to avoid the impassioned aggressions of a blind love. It enveloped itself in new hieroglyphs, concealed its efforts, and disguised its hopes; then was created the jargon of alchemy, a continual deception for the vulgar herd, greedy of gold.

The ‘hidden’ Temple that in old times was built on High; the holy place was made waste and the Sons of the house of Wisdom were taken away into the captivity of the senses.

(Notes from reading the Abramelin)

The mage, flanked by the two sisters:

1) The Secret
2) The Wisdom

The Secret is: Kabbalah
The Wisdom is: Magic


Involves two colors —

Fear of: Δ
Rightness: ↓

Which are the foundation for the two tablets:

Kabbalah (Secret)
Magic (Wisdom)

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    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for cogritbutinn.


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