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New Year’s Day Was Assaulted by Sky Terrorists Laying a Swath of Aerosol Over my Home

PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW This is how I was greeted by the first day of the new year 2015. I was awoken by the lovely sound of geese coming in for a landing onto the lake, near … Continue reading

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Ecocidal Science Destroying Our Earth in Search of Weather Related Profits

Listen to this asinine backwards thinking from a group of professional climatologists, pleading justification for a continuance, to reign its geoenineering assault upon our earth; demanding that it is a necessary evil to mitigate solar radiation impacting the surface, which, on … Continue reading

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Capturing Rainwater is Made Illegal by Government

From years past, I had heard many stories of people in South America being prosecuted and fined for capturing rainwater. Today, the illegality of capturing rainwater is slowly creeping across the USA. Outlawing rainwater collection I’m beginning to wonder if the … Continue reading

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U.S. Congress Endorses Term “Chemtrail” Categorizing it as Exotic Weapon

I found this little memory jogging nugget while listening to another Spraying, excuse me again, Geo-Engineering documentary on Youtube. You can throw this into the face of those who find revulsion in the word: Chemtrail….which has been euphemistically relabeled as: … Continue reading

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Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

This is one of the best presentations on “Spraying” sorry, Geo-Engineering I’ve seen. Dane Wigington gives an articulate, straight forward presentation on the harmful effects Geo-Engineering is posing to the planet, declaring that today there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER … Continue reading

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