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Scientism without a soul

Pentagon Eyes Limb Regenerating Pharmaceutical Super Soldier

DARPA’s quest for the pharmaceutical super-soldier, the all out, zombie, killing machine, lacking all empathy, capable of regenerating severed limbs within days, is here and now. A few pig cells, a single surgery and a rigorous daily workout: They’re the … Continue reading

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DARPA Pharmaceutical BioChemical Super Soldier

The Future of War: Part 2 of 3 May 3rd, 2006 · Written by Jason Glover · 1 Comment Bioengineering and advanced robotics are blurring the line between science and science fiction, as the Pentagon pursues the creation of “super … Continue reading

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The Puffer’s Dabbling in Material Scientism

For those discussing religion …. …the dichotomy between “science” and “magic”; besides the obvious observation that both require strict adherence to ritual, both were born out of a desire to understand and manipulate the world….)) *** I disagree…both were not … Continue reading

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