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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Dr. Frankenstein to Resuscitate Neanderthal Man Using DNA Embryo Implant

Thanks to Joseph Farrell for plucking this nightmare from our world parked on Elm Street. What a wonderful tool this would make in the hands of evil ingenuity such as that which thrive within the hallowed cloisters of DARPA….a Golem super-weapon to … Continue reading

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Pentagon Eyes Limb Regenerating Pharmaceutical Super Soldier

DARPA’s quest for the pharmaceutical super-soldier, the all out, zombie, killing machine, lacking all empathy, capable of regenerating severed limbs within days, is here and now. A few pig cells, a single surgery and a rigorous daily workout: They’re the … Continue reading

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DARPA Pharmaceutical BioChemical Super Soldier

The Future of War: Part 2 of 3 May 3rd, 2006 · Written by Jason Glover · 1 Comment Bioengineering and advanced robotics are blurring the line between science and science fiction, as the Pentagon pursues the creation of “super … Continue reading

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