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Scientism without a soul

The Stealthy Subjugation of An Accommodating Mind

It was a different kind of life before the advent of the Cathode-ray-Tube (CRT); Tele-Vision to the rest of us mortals; pastoral, less intrusive. Now that the CRT has been boiled down into the micro-technology of our ubiquitous, all purpose … Continue reading

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HAARP Gone Dark Under New DARPA Management

The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska has gone completely dark, reassigned to those wizards of depravity residing at DARPA.  Funded as a “black project”, makes it exempt from public scrutiny or review. Nick Begich has noted that DARPA has been … Continue reading

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GE to Turn Operating Room into Automated Cattle Loading Dock using RFID Chips

What do smart munitions and RFID chips have in common? Both the smart missile and the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification – an automated electronic merchandise tracking system) are robotically minded products from GE. RFID’s can also be imbedded in humans. The following article caught my … Continue reading

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Nick Begich : Technology to Control the Weather

Nick Begich, “The human mind has no firewalls. There is no privacy. Ultimately the domain of the human mind, is in fact the target of U.S. military. We become more transparent while government becomes more opaque. These technologies are about … Continue reading

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The Religion of Science

As it currently stands, the term certainly doesn’t deserve the respect of a capital ‘S’. “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts” –Richard Feynman, Physicist ‘Science’ abrogated its’ responsibility to humanity the moment it presented the brute mind with … Continue reading

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HAARP Ground-Based Star Wars – Disaster under Guise of Research

by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning Reprinted from Earthpulse Flashpoints, Newtext Number Three from EarthPulse Website “The earth is delicately balanced, and seeks to restore balance when disturbed. No one really knows how ionospheric experiments will affect that balance, … Continue reading

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Dr. Frankenstein to Resuscitate Neanderthal Man Using DNA Embryo Implant

Thanks to Joseph Farrell for plucking this nightmare from our world parked on Elm Street. What a wonderful tool this would make in the hands of evil ingenuity such as that which thrive within the hallowed cloisters of DARPA….a Golem super-weapon to … Continue reading

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Mapping the Evil Gene: Sandy Hook, Eugenics and the Nazi Ahnenerbe

Disturbing developments arising from the Sandy Hook school massacre are prepared to exploit the circumstances of the situation:

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Weather as a Force Multiplier HAARP: Owning the Weather by 2025

On the 17th of June 1996, a report was produced by the Department of Defense in the interest of advancing concepts related to national defense. The report was titled: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 Executive Summary (Synopsis … Continue reading

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HAARP Magnetometer Data Shows HAARP Triggered Japan Earthquake

The following article demonstrates the depths depraved minds of ‘science’ are capable of sinking. The same minds that gave us the gifts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are determined to either ignite the Earth’s atmospheric envelope, or split it in two. … Continue reading

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