Bitcoin Donations

Here you are your own banker…

From me, To you

From wallet to wallet

I’m starting this up because of my newly acquired interest in everything Bitcoin, as being the potential liberator of the “Little People” from the seedy clutches of the, too big to jail, monoliths.

As a stealthy algorithm allowing the people to sail high above the waves of the corrupt financial institutions and powers supporting them, in time, the untethered, decentralized wallet will deflate the banksters criminal enterprise.

If nothing else, this effort will certainly put a BIG smile on my face, knowing that I’ll be contributing in promoting an instrument that may very well unshackle us all from the dungeons of financial debauchery.

If you have a Bitcoin wallet, and wish to participate, you can toss a fraction of a Bitcoin into my hat by using my public ID below, or scanning the QR symbol, to the left of my ID, with your cell phone, requires that you have a Bitcoin app and code scanner installed.

No fees! No registration! No middleman! No hassle!
Just you and I my friend.

Send your Bitcoin tips to:

Pub QR


2 Responses to Bitcoin Donations

  1. Yuji says:

    Nice graph. However, the transfer of wetlah that is (or will) occur in bitcoin is actually not very much related to wetlah in the old world. Very few people of old world wetlah even recognize bitcoin as an asset class and, even if they did, they would probably be very reluctant to invest sizable portions of their current wetlah.Mining rig investments and even individual conversions into bitcoin are relatively affordable on a risk/return basis. The ones that will benefit from bitcoin rising as an asset class are those that believe in the power of cryptography and can extrapolate what that means for government-managed currencies. Bitcoin is a beta software project with little to no mainstream adoption; therefore the earliest adopters will be the huge winners and that has nothing to do with their wetlah of today. It will be a social class realignment.


    • amunaor says:

      I don’t think that the Bitcoin, author, or authors, ever intended Bitcoin to be a speculative commodity, as much as a means of barter for the common folk (the little people); outside the clutches of the current, corrupt, criminal, ponzi banking system.


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