The Stealthy Subjugation of An Accommodating Mind

The begining of Wisner's Wurlitzer

The Magicians of Sound and Vision

It was a different kind of life before the advent of the Cathode-ray-Tube (CRT); Tele-Vision to the rest of us mortals; pastoral, less intrusive. Now that the CRT has been boiled down into the micro-technology of our ubiquitous, all purpose ‘smart’ handset, it’s worth examining the sinister womb from which the CRT was hatched.

german 1930's cathode ray tube adIt was early German technology, prior to WWII, that gave birth to the Cathode-ray-Tube. The German’s even produced Cooking Shows, long before the American, ‘Food Network Channel’ turned ‘cooking a simple meal’ into a championship, sporting extravaganza, including an exuberant, cheering audience, each shouting their favorite cook’s name from the gallery, much like those infamous Roman Circuses from another bygone era.

Regrettably, German ingenuity was hijacked by a cloister of dark, errant egos basking within the depths of the Thule Society. The bewitching powers of the cathode ray tube would not have slipped unnoticed by this Mystical Order, whose darker, left-hand momentum would have perceived the eruption of this new technology, the cathode-ray-tube, not as a gift for enlightenment, but a magic, to be commandeered by power. From that point forward, the wheels of devious, devilishness began, not just churning throughout the underbelly of the political realm, but within the marketplace of the people as well, evident in the villainy, buried within the following excerpted piece of script, about which the brunt of this blog is about:

“manufacturing consent, through the creation of false realities, (began to be) sold as News” – the quotation marks encapsulate the paraphrased lingo of Master Market Manipulator, Edward Bernays, specifying intent…

False Realities, Sold as News

Bernays, was a back-room hit with, and Orchestra Director for, the cheering Wall Street speculators, and a gift to the glut of grifters, filling the phallic symbols, piercing the Madison Ave, evening skyline; where the alchemical pranksters, apprised of psychological tricks, met to conjure up psychic snares; were gleaned to flog the chemistry of soap, toothpaste and underwear, through the new medium of ghostly flickering apparitions, imprinted upon the mind.

From the spirited electrons pinging through the vacuum of the bell-shaped apparatus, forming the Cathode-ray-Tube, to the imprinting of subliminal suggestions upon a mesmerized audience who dared gaze into the depths of its wizardry: the intent of Bernays’ language rings clear; the good ole boys of science and public enlightenment were on the road to: “…manufacturing consent…” then, selling the ‘consensual concept’ as an absolute necessity; packaged in a glitzy wrapper, as either the magical chemistry of soap, or smart bombs with fabulous characteristics….presented, currently, in 7-channel stereo and mind numbing color in action.

Adding insult to injury, the public was severely handicapped since, Bernays, as nephew to the celebrated psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud; Bernays access to Sigmund, manifests in the form of a significant ‘unseen’ key, a devious one at that, held over the public mind.

Following WWII, what the converging technologies of both Sound and Vision, begin to spawn, is a new creature, capable of interfacing the deeper aspects of mind, placed at Bernays’, deftly charged fingertips.

In-hind-sight, one begins to sense the gathering potential that is shaping up, in the form of a tempestuous assault to that is about to hurtle stealthily through the only true sovereign territory an individual really maintains, his/her psyche; the spiritual essence of being; the neural fabric of metaphysics, now belongs to the highest bidder, simply for the sake of selling you more trinkets and baubles – on the one hand – guns and bullets on the other.

This, early, gathering cloud of psychological intrusion, can be summed up in just the one person of Bernays, who helped launch Wall Street’s incognito assault upon the health and wealth of an ‘unawares’ public – in 1947, still cowering in the aftermath of WWII and the Atomic Bomb – made it easy for the in-crowd, this accoutrement of cons, to pick any passing pocket, when the correct psychological buttons were pushed. The selling of soap one day; the False Realities of non-existent WMD, and Saddam Hussein mania, the next.

The CRT perceived as a Mass Megaphone to the Mind

You know what they say about birds of a feather?…..the Marketing strategy of Bernays was garbed within the same cloak of devious deception as was Allen Dulles and his side kick.

Frank Wisner Sr., began life as a Wall Street attorney, but Wisner’s subsequent incarnation, as head of covert operations for the early C.I.A., helped Dulles to stealthily deploy: (Operation Mockingbird) Wisner’s Mocking Birds – those blessed, CIA directed, anchors for the Public Relations Firms: we’ve so affectionately grown familiar with as News outlets, enthusiastically jumped on board CIA wishes, to promote an exaggerated Soviet threat, which helped the U.S. corner a global arms manufacturing business, a gift which kept on giving throughout the entire Cold War.

The Foreign Policy game of Mutually Assured Destruction, permeated the public mind with incessant broadcasts of fear; school children ‘constantly’ ducking for cover; the edgy feeling of imminent attack, fed munitions dealer’s coffers everywhere, with pennies from heaven, while sitting on a real live, hair-trigger, contrived standoff. The sales pitch being: War is good for business. Buy More Guns!

One thing for certain, such intense, daily dosages of paranoia and fear, applied to the mental apparatus, throughout lifetimes and generations, has the power to dislodge even the most difficult, of blessed pennies, as the frightened parishioners labor to vomit up their wallets, in exchange for ever greater promises of ‘safety’.

The public really didn’t learn very much from Orson Welles’, October 30th, 1938, dramatic broadcast of H.G. Welles’: War of the Worlds, but the Magicians of Sound and Vision, I’m sure, paid strict attention. Orson’s spoofed Mars invasion, should be a witness to how sensible people can be driven completely off the rails; real lives were lost over an intentionally broadcast prank.

We can surmise from Bernays’ own statement that the purpose of manufacturing such false realities, then, disseminating them as news, weren’t meant to be pranks at all, but to steer the herd into manifesting an agreed upon consensus by the hierarchy.  It’s kinda the same sort of ghoulish thought processes from which Nightmare’s on Elm Street are spawned from.

Back in 1947, when those ‘made in the USA’, band of renegade U.S. Intelligence boys decided to go off the reservation by deploying the very same Pandora’s box of matches Goebbels had deployed earlier, by which to set the German mind ablaze, but this time, with the CIA targeting their very own people and family members, lends new meaning to the term: “…with friends like these, who the hell needs enemies?”

Carl Sagan was right, “…sooner or later, combustible ‘science’ within the ignorant hands of power, is going to blow up in our faces.”

Ever since Nagasaki and Hiroshima, science, rather than being a safe haven for Nature, has slavishly serviced those destroyers of Nature instead. Ignorance should not be counted as bliss. When ‘science’ arrogantly cheers the bottom-line, rather than the sanctity of the Earth, or that of the public good…sooner or later, arrogant ‘science’ is going to blow up in our faces.

Just look at the resources pouring into the apparatus of herding the public psyche, via subliminal, electronic cattle-prods, as though it were a toyful plaything, via devious, – psychological – marketing tricks, intruding into the most inner sanctum of one’s being, designed to interface with the fabric of the neural thought processes, rendering it a complacent, compliant form of acquiescence. By this trap-door, the hucksters sell soap, politics and war.

Orson’s Disembodied Radio Broadcast of Words, Grows a Physical Form

Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels’ senses, must have been bedazzled by the powerful Alchemy, contained within that first cathode ray tube, painting ‘ghostly’ images on a screened portion of the tube, projecting a power, with capacity for summoning magically raised legions to their feet, for midnight, candlelight marches. The CRT was first employed to move the immovable mountains of 1940’s Germany, where the modern thrill of ‘subliminal suggestion’, the art of manufacturing consent, was beginning to find its soapbox in the form of the CRT.

As the technological creature of the “cathode-ray-tube” began to mature, the CRT was transplanted, from the ashes of that ‘apparent’ WWII defeat, and resurrected upon U.S. soil, as Wisner’s Wurlitzer, morphing into it’s current form of a, sort of, soup-salad, public brain surgeon.

It’s time the public saw the innocuous little old man, sitting behind Dorothy’s, Wizard of Oz curtain, for the atrophied foundation of a bygone era that it really is, an era driven by extreme, schizoid paranoia; a world view of confrontation, rather than cooperation. It’s legacy, seared into the public record in the villainy of McCarthyism, currently, flopping around on deck, like a half-dead fish out of water. No different today than yesterday, with an itchy trigger finger to boot…rattling its bejeweled NATO saber in everyone’s faces, so speculators on Game Street can continue boning up that, forever anemic, bottom-line.

Welcome to the sins of science, who have spawned and monetized, the Cathode-ray-Tube babies of today! A captive audience of zombified consumers, following subliminal cues.

CRT cathode ray tube family

Typical Cathode-ray-Tube Family

How do I know? I was there.

Please, Go Ahead: Make Your Day

(Image captioned as: Magicians of Sound and Vision, Courtesy of: Chaoha Lakota )
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