Energy Psychology – NASA – Edgar Mitchell and Noetic Sciences

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Within the latest issue of Atlantis Rising (AR), volume: March/April 2017, I stumbled upon a very intriguing article, indirectly, referencing lunar astronaut, Edgar Mitchell’s organization which he’d established and left behind, having passed about a year ago. Anyway, the AR article catapults forth the notion of, re-imaging the vision by, get this: “Matrix Reimprinting”….WhaaaT.F…flickering images of the cult classic: The Matrix, waft through the mind. UNTIL….

From The Atlantis Rising article:

Energy Psychology describes a collection of novel psychological interventions that “balance, restore, and enhance human functioning by stimulating the human subtle energy system, “which includes the acupuncture meridian systemc chakras, and nadis. “These techniques…have been observed to catalyze rapid, dramatic, and lasting changes in feelings, beliefs, mental states, and behaviors,” as well as physiology and biochemistry. Thus Energy Psychology techniques involve “stimulating energy, whether by tapping, touching, or intention.” (J. Freedom, “Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy?”, Noetic Now, August 2011….then…

I spotted within the telltale link again, the familiar name:

I felt Edgar calling my attention to what I’d read before about Noetic Sciences. The fact that Mitchel’s, Noetic Sciences was even linked to the article at all, aroused my suspicion that it formed the foundation of what I was about to read, with Noetic Sciences, having spawned the book referenced in the article.

Since the published link above is dead, I did a search on: (Energy Psychology), which provided the book: The PROMISE Of ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY, located at Amazon.

Talk about psychic surgery!

The Atlantis Rising title, from the article, reveals even more:  (THE PROMISE OF ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY – Is This the Dramatic Healing Secret We Have Been Waiting For?)

To understand the weight of the above title, one must understand the weight and depth of astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Mitchell’s trip to the moon, as a geologist, is even more intriguing, especially when you tie-in Mitchel’s deep-seated affection for Eastern Philosophy, the bulkhead of which is evident, bolstering the structure, Mitchell left behind: Noetic Sciences, bears it out.

Mitchell, during his training as an astronaut, was plotting to demonstrate telepathy, and to broadcast the demonstration broadly, which, when NASA got wind of it, of Mitchell’s ‘ghostly’ ambitions, NASA, villainously shut the process down. You see, science cannot stand to struggle with such, beyond the physical, expressions of the psyche, at least, at that time, during the space race, it was stringently anathema.

Michell managed to succeed, secretly, anyway……a success which gave birth to Edgar’s mystical side, bestowing upon us: The Noetic Sciences.

I’ll bet ‘everything’, that the ‘holistic’ form of Cannabis plays a MAJOR role in bearing Edgar Mitchell and Noetic Sciences out! Not only the cannabis plant, but all of the other ‘healing, teaching  entheogens’, as they are known as. For what other reason would the establishment so – vehemently – withhold such an ‘obviously’ beneficial plant, common access by the public? The pharmaceutical industry wishes to neuter the voice of the plant by diluting the THC cannabinoid, thereby interfering with the not only the plants physiological healing power, but also, simultaneously and holistically, its psychic counterpart, the psyche, or soul.

What a slap in the face to ‘science’, this revelation is, a demonstration of what it means to have been born blind in one eye, while all of their parishioners, baptized with the same holy water, thump the same sheaves of pulp-wood.

No wonder we’re unable to “…see the forest…”…but, it’s not for the sake of the trees….but because of ‘science’ and its failures!

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