Former CIA Director Allen Dulles Ordered Hit on Kennedy

Just like the horse thief, Banana Republic it has proven itself to be, from that 1963, Dallas event forward… the wonder of Capitalism is still busting kneecaps and liquidating heads of state, incompatible with Game-Street Markets. Throughout the Cold War, the Soviet threat was proven to be tremendously over exaggerated. Fear was employed to fleece public wallets, for the sake of building up an unassailable war machine, which has become ‘the’ fundamental component of our Western economy; nothing remains untouched by it. Kennedy’s only fault was that he wished to extend a hand of cooperation across the globe, rather than one of destruction and rule by force…good for the Capital War Machine, but not for innocent denizens of the Earth. As a result of that private election, held through a triangulation of rifle scopes in Dealey Plaza-1963, today, the world is a basket case of seething, bigoted, military entanglements, anger, hatred and mob rule…destroying our Planet in its wake, as the Capital vampire devours resources from every corner, over the glutinous cheering of rabid speculators.

A new book has emerged claiming that former CIA director Allen Dulles ordered JFK’s assassination because he was a ‘threat to national security’, a mental aberration which is no friend to humanity. Ironically, in the end, Dulles sat in on the Warren Commission, allowing the villains to whitewash the actions of their coup d’etat, while condemning an innocent patsy.

The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government


ignorance not bliss 2

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