Anti-Organic, Chemical Agenda of Big Pharma and the FDA Are Killing People

anti-Organic Chemical Agenda of FDA

The above ‘automaton’ psychological response from the public continues to manifest, because of Freud’s nephew, and marketing strategist, Edward Bernays, designed and employed by the same attitudes today, in this case, designed to shield Big Pharma’s anti-Organic, pro-Chemical, marketing interests and agenda. The programed response, flowing from decades of entrainment, began with Nixon’s assault on the plant in 1972. From that moment on, a criminal government, at the behest of Big Pharma, had successfully derailed humanity from its ‘Natural’  path, with the implantation of a psychological demon, a faithful barb that continues to ‘erroneously’ raise dark imaginary stop signs within a shattered public mind.


Edward Bernays Quote

The following article is probably the most disgusting expose on Big Pharma’s intents regarding the sacred Cannabis plant I’ve read thus far, with the simple-minded, ignorant media, faithfully mouthing the words fed to their teleprompters, and nodding mindlessly in agreement…….because these words of ‘god’ said it’s so. Thing is, we haven’t even begun to smell the putrid depths of this cesspool. I need to go clear my nostrils already!

New research has shown that cannabis is an effective treatment for a myriad of ailments ranging from cancer, to epilepsy, to PTSD.

These seemingly miraculous benefits have gotten the attention of the pharmaceutical industry which is likely interested in profiting from said benefits. The thing about cannabis, however, is that it doesn’t need Big Pharma to produce it, package it and distribute, as it can grow in your backyard.

But, when government-connected industries wish to shut out their competition, which in this case is a plant, they lean on the state’s ability to stifle competition through claiming a right to the intellectual property behind a particular set of ingredients – otherwise known as a patent.

Since no one can patent a wild plant, pharmaceutical industries turn to their labs and chemistry to recreate nature.

Big Pharma is Synthesizing Cannabis to Make a Patent-able Pill and It’s Killing People

Big Pharma is the real fiend here. Their representatives, dressed in white coats, draped with stethoscopes, carry the weight of ‘science,’ in which case, are beyond reproach.

Big Pharma Drug Pusher

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