Cannabis, Carl Sagan, Graham Hancock and Carlos Castaneda


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The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a ‘drug’ which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.

The only fault I find with Sagan’s statement is his use of the word ‘drug’ to describe the sacred plant Cannabis. The best classification we can correctly ascribe to this visionary, healing gift would be the word ENTHEOGEN… different than other entheogens, such as Mescaline, Peyote, Psilocybin, Amanita, Ayahuasca (the vine of souls)…to name a few, that come down to us from our pre-Industrial, pre-Christian, old world, ancestors. Outlawed by the Church & Chemical Science….the intervention has caused a deep, psychological and physical break with humanity’s ORGANIC connection to our host…..the Earth.

To lend a greater understanding of this ancient relationship, one should study the enlightening works of the late Peruvian born, American Anthropologist, Carlos Castaneda – (December 25, 1925–April 27, 1998), who  lived, experienced and studied the Earth Spirit, which dwells within the sacred plant, Peyote. In the process, the full-blown, credentialed, Anthropologist morphed into a renowned Shamanic Seer. His books, narrated in the first person, relate Castaneda’s experiences under the tutelage of a Yaqui “Man of Knowledge” named Don Juan Matus.

Science and the Church have outbred this innate Wisdom from the population, leaving an exsanguinated corpse, within the clutches of an incomplete, skewed mechanical thought process, like a fish out of water, incapable of perceiving the whole picture. Mechanistic science simply allows no room for any experience beyond what the sensory organs perceive, tuned solely to measure and track finite energy events in 3D space: the birth and death of form. From this limited framework of perception, the superficial sensory organs, dictated by ‘scientific’ dogma, paints an incomplete picture of ourselves which, subsequently has boxed the western thinking processes into a rigid, materialistic cage.

Now you should understand, why and where, the prongs of Nixon’s assault on this ‘sacred’ plant, Cannabis, really came from. To paraphrase Graham Hancock; a true reflection of Castaneda, and Shaman in his own rite, “the assault is on our consciousness.” Let me add…intent on keeping us locked within a false material paradigm.”

Today, Hancock’s piercing of the veil, with numerous Shamanic guided journeys under his belt, has left us documentation of his experiences while in the company of the visionary plant Ayahuasca, is reminiscent of Castaneda’s journeys under the guidance of Matus while in the company of Peyote.

We live in a perilous time, with a great majority of the Earth’s population lulled into a false sense of security, bolstered by a multinational pharmaceutical industry, that sells empty promises, but breeds only dependency, as it oils it’s capital machine with the toil, sweat and tears of the masses.

The firewalls that were installed earlier, to prevent a gullible public from being taken advantage of, have long ago been run off the rails and turned against those it was designed to safeguard. The inexplicable example I’m referring to, in this case, is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) obviously, born with ulterior motives.


The Food and Drug Administration began life as The Division of Chemistry, was known as ‘The Bureau of Chemistry’ long before changing its name to The FDA. The implication, of course, being that the agenda is anti-Organic.

Try bringing a lawsuit against a billion dollar industry, that’s had their toxic chemical concoctions FDA approved. Let that sink in for a moment!

The other link in this unholy alliance is the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA.) Created shortly after Nixon’s 1972, schizophrenic, paranoid assault upon the sacred plant, Cannabis, has blossomed into Big Pharma’s personal, Global SWAT Team, defending the multinational drug cartel’s ‘chemical’ interests and agenda everywhere.

There has been much error woven into our reality, extending back to our birth. It’s been ONE BIG LIE! Let’s break their spell!

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