The Beginning of us all, is Manifest in, One Egyptian Symbol

The following article contains a very interesting admission, implying 2-tiered knowledge, regarding Egypt’s pre-historic timeline — ONE FOR US, ANOTHER FOR THEM —  the paradigm gate keepers choice, for public consumption, being somewhere around 3100 BCE, with Pharaoh Menes being the linchpin upon which ‘official’ Egyptology hangs its, finely manicured and proudly displayed hat. Prior to that, officially, the inhabitants were nothing but hunter gatherers with a dozen copper chisels and a few stone mallets. But, there is another list of Kings, which precedes Menes; containing the incredible time span of: 33,894 to 23,642 BCE; when gods incarnated into the flesh of humans. Ironically, the ‘extended’  list of Kings is compiled by the same, Ptolemaic period scribe, Manetho, from which the ‘officially’ extracted ‘short’ list has become the mainstay of a modified reality for everyone else, while the latter ‘extended’ list is never ‘publicly’ discussed:


It’s hard to overlook this, yet a kind of consensual omerta reigns on this subject in official circles, which prefer to regard this lineage as mythical, thus making the subject easier to evade.

You may recall my previous posts regarding the pervasive use of entheogens by pre-Christian paradigm dwellers, produced a reality which conducively linked Anthropos to its’ Mother’s embrace of healing telluric currents; an entheogenically unveiled, irrational reality. Something which the analytic, scientific mind is incapable of digesting, and quite frankly, from its ivory tower, unabashedly rejects.


Seshat goddess cannabis knowledge

Wisdom Goddess Seshat

How the message is to be received: the ‘above’ symbol leaves little doubt, there is no ambiguity to what is being conveyed. Here, illuminated ‘thought’ is projecting instructions, from the stonework on ‘how’ to listen. The message would have been prominently displayed, for all to see (hear with the eyes, but with an aroused pineal gland.) The representative of the ‘subject’ in the image is to be entheogenically imbibed; drunken in; to be ‘experienced.’

In other words the Wisdom Goddess, Seshat, representing the spirit of the Earth, is stating here: ‘Wisdom’, again the Earth, is to be entheogenically imbibed via the senses: an ‘unveiling’ process which invokes a sacred hearing via sight.

I could easily stitch together an additional truckload of alphabetical poetry, in effort to abstractly bolster what this simple pictoglyph conveys, lucidly, within just the flash of a moment. We don’t need Egyptology to mangle our thoughts when symbols like this one impress the message loud and clear. The ‘experienced’ message of the symbol is the same today, as it was yesterday.

Fundamentally, there are only two strains of Cannabis: Sativa and Indica.

Sativa strains originated in an area around the equator and can be found in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and several African Nations.

The Indica strains originated from a higher altitude and can be found predominantly in countries known for their hash culture such as Morocco, Afghanistan, Nepal and Turkey. These plants are shorter and fuller plants compared to their sativa counterparts.

It is not a trick of light and shadow that the narrow pointed-leaf of the Sativa strain should be anything else than what is ‘obviously’ portrayed in the glyphic stone-work above, both objectively and subjectively. For those ‘experienced,’ the symbols’ intended message leaps directly ‘unambiguously’ to mind, without the necessary mental gymnastics of converting printed abstractions back into form, as required by script, such as that which I am typing into your analytic brain, to be computed back out into the mental image of a form.


SATAVA -left, INDICA right

SATIVA -left, INDICA right

Renegade author and stalwart thorn in the side of academia, Michael Cremo, states in his publication: Human Devolution, that humanity’s pinnacle of achievement may rest in the deep recesses of a ‘very distant’ past; not into a ‘speculative’ future, from our point forward. According to Cremo, the geological (Gaea’s) record suggests we’ve actually been devolving in our ‘apparent’ march of time forward. It’s either that, or this depressed vision is just the result of Kali Yuga’s cyclical grip that is binding the turbidity of events that has matured ‘another’ bad seed. The interesting implication of Cremo’s observation, is that, ‘history runs backward.’

Whatever existed prior to Egypt’s 1st Dynastic Pharaoh, Menes; during that incredibly lengthy – BCE – time span, obviously, remnants of the driving DNA trickled on down, through the family tree and blew up in Akhenaten’s, end of the eighteenth dynasty.

Grist for the Mill

Akhenaten, violently, broke ranks with the old Wisdom of Thebes; which had a matriarchy. Akhenaten’s dogma grew to be so rigidly myopic with nonacceptance that its internal zealotry drove his High Priest into slaying the Pharoah’s son, Tuthankaten; Egypt’s boy King. A little more than a millennium later, through the actions of Saint Paul, this festering wound became supplanted onto the political apparatus, as Christianized Rome.
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    you are a narcotic for the heartmind, whoever you are


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  3. This is great wisdom. Thank you for this.


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