The Language of the Birds and Symbolism

In mythology, medieval literature and occultism, the language of the birds is postulated as a mystical, perfect divine language or a mythical, magical language of Nature used by birds (nature) to communicate with the initiated – initiated not by oath, but by another prerequisite that manifests an open door.

In Kabbalah, Renaissance magic, and alchemy, the language of the birds was considered a secret and perfect language and the key to perfect knowledge, sometimes also called the langue verte, or green language (Fulcanelli, et al)

In Norse mythology, the power to understand the language of the birds was a sign of great Wisdom.

hummingbirds love cannabis 3Of course, to peer beyond Wisdom’s veil is only possible through her very own veil dissipating entheogen. These ego reducing plants which spring from the belly of our Mother, not only harbor the spirit of a Teacher – as Carlos Castaneda referred to the presence within, but cleanse and heal as well; as the early history of Native American, Indian life divulges.

‘The Language of the Birds,’ is an arcane expression which marks an initiate capable of stepping between worlds. To the archaic tongue, our initiate would be known as an entheogenically experienced Shaman. There are no words for the higher ‘experiences’ – only Symbols. There is a limit to what one can say with words. Once you step beyond the boundary of the ‘ordinary’, and wish to communicate that which you have seen, there is no other recourse but to speak in a block-wave, soliloquy of poetry, or in the poetry of Symbols.

Some have described the “language of the birds” as “the tongue of Secret Wisdom. Its vocabulary is myth. Its grammar is symbolism.”

escher 1938 language of the birdsMy analogy to ‘The language of the birds’, is like that of an intricate back-beat in a musical score, with many instruments subconsciously caressing, guiding the whole, yet each participating member, reading their individual score sheets, is, at best, only mundanely emotive in response to each of the other band members musical instruments. So suttle is this certain back-beat that it slips beneath the radar of detection. The ego-bound audience, especially the industrial brand, participating on the dance floor of life, primarily, resonate to the most superficial elements, emanating from the patterned beat, while a very uraeus pineal egyptianfew will be found swaying to the essence of Nature, in thispineal-gland-consciousness-access case, the ineffable back-beat, residing beyond the veil of our mundane senses, riding the Telluric sound-scapes of Gaia’s subliminal spinal currents; a Shamanic musical score cognizant only to the aroused pineal. Available to all, if we knew how to perceive.

A good question to ponder, as it relates to the following paragraph: are the physiological patterns of life we trace, within our 3-D realm,  simply shadows, cast by some higher order set of events from beyond the horizon of our senses, as Richard Hoagland postulates, from the perspective of a hyper-dimensional philosophy?

duality of janusThe ‘symbol’ is the static form of the relationship between two moments which are incomprehensible in the simultaneity, the juxtaposition of symbols makes possible the expression — without formulation — of identities of nature which can manifest in opposing dualities.

The traditional texts of initiation can be read and studied in two ways. One of these deals with the exoteric (historic) meaning, which generally serves as a foundation, that is, as a symbol, for the esoteric sense (expressed through the symbolique.) — Schwaller de Lubicz – Symbol and the Symbolic

To paraphrase de Lubicz, every “objectified form” our senses encounter in Nature, is a Symbol.”

Remember, symbols speak to mind in a different manner that ‘Script’ does. From time to time, we tend to subconsciously use such symbols, as references, when making simple analogous comparisons such as: sings like a ‘bird’, or wise as an owl, etc, comparing our traits to the caricatures exhibited by famial, symbols we’re all innately familiar with in the garden. Everyone senses the beauty in a birds song, or has been startled by the magical burst of Wisdom that accompanies the appearance of an owl.

On a deeper level, Nature’s cornucopia of emotive forms, thus constitutes a magical language, which is ‘experienced’ when such form impinges upon the heightened state of intuition, tied to an aroused pineal, affording Wisdom a transcendent resonance from which to communicate with her ‘alert’ Anthropos.

The Telestai of pre-Christian thought, taught that, the ego, veils an outlying, occluded (hidden) spectrum, residing beyond the mundane levels of perception; a Gnosis level of sentient consciousness, if you will. The veiling ego only renders the ‘Organic Light’ and her Symbols into gibberish, superficial animations without a voice. The seeker, in order to experience her voice, the spirit of Nature’s interlocutor, residing within the entheogen, must be present for the veil, cast over Wisdom, to be lifted. The Teacher within the sacred plant, breaks the spell, Ego holds over the senses. Understanding this, there should be no wonder as to why our fore-bearers, invariably, referred to these entheogenic plants as ‘Sacred’, ‘Teacher’ , and ‘Healer.’

With our present form of writing we use groups of arbitrarily formed abstract symbols (our alphabetical letters) which convey memorized sound and visual associations. We are trained to think and communicate through these alphabetical letters — placed in certain (again memorized) groupings or words — by reducing these abstract conventions into objective images in our minds. Simply stated, this means that hieroglyph bird 2when we read ‘bird’ we immediately register the formed image:
On the other hand, the image, the form, is there concretely before us, and it can thus expand, evoking within the prepared viewer a whole complex of abstract, intuitive notions or states of being–qualities, associations and relationships which cannot be described or defined but only experienced. A method of viewing is required comparable to our hearing faculty: one must learn to listen in the symbolic image, allowing it to enter into and pervade one’s consciousness, as would a musical tone which directly resonates with the inner being, unimpeded by the surface mentality. In this moment of inner identity between the intellect and the aspect of the tangible world evoked by the symbol, we have the opportunity to live this knowledge…..

Tutanhkamun anubis jackal…..Not only is the jackal a symbol of digestion and putrification, it is also the symbol of judgement. Digestion is a destructive process: it is an analysis, a breakdown of the material forms into constituent elements. Our analytically directed minds are ‘jackal’ in function. — Robert Lawlor, Forward to Schwaller de Lubicz – Symbol and the Symbolic

Deathstar-Comp2.1And so it is, the overly analytic mental processes of the mechanist scientist, wont be satisfied until our entire planet has been completely plated over to look like Death Star in the movie, Star Wars. Under Monsanto’s Archontic iron boot, any semblance of ‘truly organic’ life will have become a vague and distant memory, to be replaced by the dark art of artificiality. Not very Earth friendly symbols here, to mentor one along, on this level of thought.

The esoteric circles of the early 1900’s saw the term ‘Language of the Birds’ diminish in stature. Falling out of the higher element and into use as a means of passing petty secrets between initiates, which, with the passage of time, the true esoteric meaning of the term became a distant echo.

In essence, ‘the language of the birds’ (the voice of Nature) is incomprehensible to the ego bound senses, maintained as such by the analytic mind of science and industry. This restricted view has deprived Anthropos a vision of nature which had once prolifically flourished, far and wide. Thus, an impediment to its Natural evolution.

Today, those who are suffering from this very same gift of inner vision are being categorized as being afflicted by a conjured up malady, known as: ‘bipolar disorder’, which the hierarchy appear dreadfully frightened of. Those who meditate, display intuitive thoughts, or challenge authority, can be easily swept up, into the corrective arms of these social engineers, whose intuitive inner worlds are destined for a chemical castration, to join the ‘disease free’ life of uni-polar automatons, in the service of a uni-polar world.

The same unilateral agenda which propels the apparatus of empire forward,  finds a remarkable, parallel bubbling up from the test tubes of the macabre pharmaceutical world, as it too seeks to chemically detour the mental processes of those elements of the population, pronounced to be suffering with this new, bipolar disorder, malady into a single lane.

We see this in the eradication of current ‘threatening’ mystic cultures, as the cold, industrial scalpel of ‘science’ further severs the Anthropos’ mind from its distant heritage. Lobotomized by the very same aberration we’ve all been cradled in, ‘science’.

The key to unlocking the mystery of how our perception came to be ‘occluded’, may reside within the depths of Alkemical Egypt; where reality began to teeter on a fulcrum between symbol and script; dynamic and static; psychic and cerebral; esoteric and exoteric, as the script of analytic science took took over the thought processes. It was the rationalists which excised the esoteric tongue from within the symbol. According to de Lubciz, “Symbolism is technique; “the symbolic,” is the form of writing of a vital philosophy.” Let me add, a non-mechanist philosophy, at that.

Such thought processes are completely anathema to the analytic, number-crunching, mind of the scientist. Known to often chokes when confronted with hints of ‘irrationality’ laden observations; heretical challenges that can’t be scrutinized and measured by the five senses. Neither the books of science nor those of the chemists, contain a single word that might describe the soul, or the animating sentience that breathes life into a lessor sphere, incongruous to the instruments of science.

It would certainly be interesting to note how the ancient Egyptians dispensed with this restrictive veil, known to our contemporary minds as the ‘Ego’. For their thought processes – reality/perception – most definitely lived in a parallel realm to the static state. This, due to a life, obviously, based on ‘vital philosophy – a non mechanistic world view – no doubt, an Earth embracing philosophy, which, by definition, would have been totally organic in Nature.

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floating rabbit voices of nature

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  1. Carol says:

    Great. I’d love to see it reduced to symbols. Wait..emojis?


  2. With ’emojis’, the lobotomy is complete, don’t you think?


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