Physician Heal Thyself – A Massive Healing Ceremony to DECRIMINALIZE a Sacred Plant

Traditional Peyote Healing Ceremony

Traditional Peyote Healing Ceremony



Our Native Indian, brothers and sisters owe us nothing. We, on the other hand, owe them everything. Their ancient Wisdom might be our only hope for escaping the ever tightening noose of Monsanto’s chemical dominance.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we need to ‘fan’ the Decriminalization flames Nationwide, take command of Cannabis farming, by tuning it over to our Native Indian, brothers and sisters. Unencumbered by any current Federal snares, that allow this arrogant little tail to wag the dog.

hummingbirds love cannabis 3The confluence of two major events: a growing popularity for the DECRIMINALIZATION of Cannabis, in conjunction with an approaching major election cycle, demands this to be the moment we drive a stake through Monsanto’s chemical heart. We may not have another opportunity to ride the crest of a wave such as this again.

Decriminalize is more appropriate, not Legalize. It’s the criminal government which made the ‘plant’ illegal in the first place. This throws the blame back onto the rapist where it belongs; them, not the victim; us. Words are important!

Get out of the ‘Medicinal’ only rut. The language implies the product is to be dispensed through a state sanctioned pharmaceutical agency. The drug industry wants to maintain its ‘PUSHER’ status via State protection. That, in and of itself, should be a BIG red flag!

We need to nail Monsanto, before they nail us, again. Monsanto is poised to monopolize the Cannabis market, lock it up in GMO patents, suitable only to the whims of Monsanto and The Pharmaceutical Industry. Monsanto has been secretly working from the shadows, since 2011, to pounce on this lucrative cash-cow.

Are we beginning to feel the first ‘shifty’ tremors from the Chemical Drug Lord Monsanto, as it begins rearranging the furniture?

I keep hearing disheartening news coming out of the great North West. Worries abound that the playing field is slowly being rearranged, particularly for those states that have already seen Cannabis ‘legalized.’

The way I see it, ‘Legalization’ is a Monsanto generated stage-prop, smoke and mirrors, to obscure Monsanto’s plot to monopolize all exploitative aspects of the Cannabis plant, while Monsanto itself makes an end-run, dash around the whole ‘Legalization’, dog and pony show, morphing ‘legalization’ into monopoly control.

This is why we must cry out: DECRIMINALIZE. Plus, turn the growth, harvesting and production of Cannabis over to our Native Indian, brothers and sisters, who can provide for the sacred plant, a safe harbor.

When I say ‘freely available, I mean: free from any outside strictures and current snares. But, not without expected cost, to be ‘fairly’ shared and determined by the toil of the ‘natural’ farmers and processors.

Monsanto’s, Public Relation Firms, are burning the midnight oil, busy promulgating pushing drugs on stock exchange floorfuture Cannabis largess into personal gold. Using media terms such as ‘Legalize’ and ‘Medical’ Marijuana, are ‘cunningly’ designed to program the crowd into accepting the notion that a ‘permission slip’ (prescription) will be required from your friendly, neighborhood ‘practitioner’ (pusher); this in contradiction to Nature’s command: Physician, Heal Thyself. The State sanctioned Drug Lords, shunning such an antiquated idea of a Natural gift; this slight-of-hand ‘Legalization’ is intended to place the sacred plant at the disposal of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s own, ‘State protected’ cabal of chemical magicians, whose Genetically Modified, counterfeits are to be pimped by a piranha of Game-Street speculators: think Viagra peddlers on steroids; making a mockery of what the sacred plant was intended for. Get out of the ‘Medical’ only, Marijuana rut; requiring permission slips, with the likelihood your product will, eventually, be a bastardized counterfeit, a toxic GMO.

In analogy, the Insurance Companies are well known for using a similar tactic, referred to in the field as: Bait and Switch. Hooking a new client with an incredibly, eye-popping insurance plan, these grifters of promise then, over the course of a year, or so, begin writing in exclusions to the policy, effectively gutting the original policy, for which the purchase of additional riders is needed to cover the exclusions.

We should pay strict attention to Monsanto’s shell-game antics, and its designs on Cannabis; immediately zeroing in public attention on any new findings.

Somehow we need to start flexing our collective opposition to this Monsanto insurrection into sacred territory….letting it build to a crescendo as the election cycle heats up. This shouldn’t be too difficult, since Monsanto’s International bottom-line has already been reeling from Russia’s outlawing of any GMO products, accompanied by China’s flashing of the cold shoulder towards the American, chemical beast, Monsanto.

The way I see it, if we don’t, and should Monsanto commandeer the Cannabis helm, no one will be allowed to grow their own medicine, or Teacher plants. The ‘State sponsored’ Pharmaceutical Cartel will make sure of that. The only way of skirting the ubiquitous stench of this chemical beast, is growing it on ‘protected’ Native Indian land; with complete ‘Native’ oversight and discretion. It may be the only viable option available to deprive Monsanto of that which motivates it most: MONEY. The method: exsanguination.

Should this speculative idea for, free and clear, Native American, Indian Cannabis farms mount significant popularity, growing a set of unavoidable legs, there’s plenty of other rot in Monsanto’s arrogant and reckless pursuit of  ‘science’, enough to compound the matter, sending this errant child packing off into the sunset….trailed, of course, by the culture of zombies spawned by the Pharmaceutical Industry’s, incestual camaraderie which permeates the entire Market culture.

The obvious shell-game emanating from the bean-counters within the belly of the beast, should give everyone pause, to critically examine what is actually manifesting here before our eyes, and should make everyone angry, that once again, Monsanto is the insidious culprit; poised to throw a monkey wrench into a rising popularity of hopes, hampering free, ‘unencumbered’, ‘unadulterated’ access to something so obviously vital to all, dashing them against the rocks of power and greed.

I say free access, because Gaia provides it as such. Known for centuries to our Native Indian, brothers and sisters, throughout the entire course of their history, as ‘sacred’ Teacher/Healing plants. Having said that, raises in me, barbs of acute suspicion, makes me wonder, for what purpose was such a highly regarded, ‘sacred’ plant, so demonized and denied public access to in the first place? In response to this question, perhaps Graham Hancock’s words ring true here: “The war on ‘drugs’ is really a war on the sovereignty of consciousness.” A war which has crippled the evolution of Anthropos, by shackling its collective mind to the industrial revolution; a vacuous, drumming, sprawling web of Archontic machinery.

Native American Indian CannabisLet us push the meme for growing Cannabis on ‘protected’ Native Indian land, keeping it outside the clutches of Monsanto. If this ‘alone’ presents the slightest glimmer of possibility, we should all mount the forming Thunderbird, as it begins to ride the crest of this wave.

Once the, Indian delegated, Family Farms are bustling, and we’ve returned to being neighbors again, instead of strangers to one another locked in skyscraper cubicles; no longer fearful of a dark chemical magician dispossessing us of our Earth, but filling our lungs from Gaia’s naturally produced ocean of air instead, for the first time in generations, Anthropos will be resonating harmoniously with its keeper.

A crafty idea for Native Indian, sacred healing and teaching smokes —

For brand name (Symbol), as an example, I was thinking of a something that shouts wholesomeness, respect for the Earth, trust and sound values. In bold print: LAKOTA CANNABIS. In small print: Traditional, Non-GMO, Sacred Teaching Healing Plant. Maybe add an established, striking, image. Nothing else need be said. Let the mind do the walking. This silly idea, only, of course, if it passes the muster of our sisters and brother, who’ll be in charge.

For the benefit of Gaia, and all of her children ‘currently’ shackled to Monsanto and the Chemical Industries of Pharmacia; I feel it! What do you say? Let’s fire this sacred, healing Doobie up!

PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF. Let this be our battle cry!

psychic power indian wings fbPeace, Best Wishes and Hope

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