No Mortal Man Hath Yet to Unveil Me – Gnostic Symbolism

Roman bust of Isis-Sothis-Demeter

Roman bust of Isis-Sothis-Demeter

Like so many others which dotted the face of the ancient world, the Eleusian Mystery Schools used the sacred language of symbolism, a vehicle which lends capacity for conveying depth and emotion, beyond that of any script. Plus, symbolism is a language best experienced. In the jargon of Jungian archetypes, many rudimentary symbols speak from a deep archaic, subconscious levels. To Jungian’s: this is the collective subconscious, to Orientals: the eternal Akashic record. Just scrutinize the following few images and you’ll quickly acquiesce.

Superficially not obvious, but understood, the pictographic image of Demeter holding high, sheafs of grain in both extended hands, is subliminally calling to attention the psychoactive component,  ergot, harvested specifically from white barley to be used in sacramental, celebratory events triggered by the Earth’s specific moments within its cyclical journey around our sun, signalling supplicants from far and wide, who journeyed to experience an extremely deep, shamanic, mystical communion with the incarnate Earth goddess, Sophia. Included in this attendance of  pre-Christian Gnostics, gathered many early, converted, Christian participants. Others suspect that similar teachers within Psilocybin or Amanita mushrooms were also invoked.

The evocative experience, induced by the sacred entheogen, imbued a conducive two-way loving respect between the Anthorpos (Greek for Human), and its Mother, with Anthropos embraced by the sentient, telluric currents of the Earth; the life force, or nervous system of Gaia Sophia. Like acupuncture points, these energy nodes were mapped with Ley-Lines, stretching from one node to another, which spanned our entire planet.

Demeter Eleusian Grain Wisdom

Life of that time was pastoral and agrarian, not cluttered with the noise of arrogant science, which chokes on its own fumigation’s, drums out an incoherent, electro-mechanical language of its own. During the Gnostic era, the soul of Anthropos had not yet lost touch with all the variety of other denizens, dwelling in the planet-wide forests, as it has today. The language of birds is no longer familiar to the high-rise, cliff dwelling Anthropos of the city.

The Alchemists of old taught the eyes and ears to quietly and introspectively observe nature, understood that she would whisper her secrets to the most attentive heart. In contrast, today, science uses explosives to violently dislodge her secrets, has turned the ancient wisdom of Alchemy completely upside down, onto its face. The forests at large are becoming more and more an endangered species, as the termites of the logging industry gobble up the few sprigs that are left. Violence is the way of the market place; its insatiable bottom-line, a constant thirst to quench.

Like it or not, humans have an inextricable relationship to the Earth. The Native American saying is: “Man belongs to the Earth, Earth does not belong to man.” This relationship is that of a child to its mother. Science has extricated and isolated her children from their Mother. Like some sort of Archontic vampires, leaping from the relic pages of Gnostic, Nag Hammadi texts, our machines of science are slowly exsanguinating that very same Mother, we so depend on.

The high priests of science have conned themselves, and their parishioners, into believing that somehow, the ‘perfect’ processes of science are outside, above it all. Whose high priests peer down from their white suited, clinical galleries, upon the dirty matrix of nature as if though nature were a toy, to do with, what ever they pleased. This same septic view is devoid of even the slightest glimmer of empathy, or concern for the consequences their toy-box antics might render upon the natural order of things. Science may think it’s stealing fire from the gods. But in reality, the errant egos of science are selfishly snuffing out the nervous system of our Host.  Again, to put it very bluntly, the arrogance of science is pissing into its very own punch bowl.

The Vision Beyond the Veil

white deer crow chat

The method used to undergo the ultimate learning experience was conferred by the Goddess herself, as described in the Homeric hymn to Demeter:

She taught them the ministry of her rites,
And revealed to them her beautiful mysteries,
Which are impossible to transgress, or pry into, or divulge,
For so great is one’s awe that it halts the tongue.

The hymn also hints at the sacrament partaken in the Goddess’s rites:

“…the earth concealed the white barely, according to the plan of Demeter, she of the beautiful feet.” — John Lash

The twin symbols of the Uraeus represent the Wisdom imparted, to the seeker,  once Gaea’s sacred gift had been consumed. The esoteric intent living in pre-Christian images of the snake, symbolized the true meaning of the serpent: that of the Goddess, Sophia’s veil having been lifted after imbibing the ego reducing entheogen.

According to John Lash: leaving the Wisdom Goddess standing, clearly before the senses, draped in a white, organic light. Not a hallucination, but a real presence.

Graham Hancock, in his book: Supernatural -Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind, describes this very same experience while drinking, Ayahuasca; a similar, very powerful, sacred brew, while under Shamanic guidance, deep within the Amazonian rain forest.

Demeter Eleusian Grain Wisdom Amber Waves Kykeon

The female gender of the Anthropos species, harbors a natural resonance with that of the telluric currents of a feminine Earth. It stands to reason why then, the female Anthropos being the best endowed to communicate and convey those very same resonant traits, her facsimile should be chosen to represent the Alchemy of what is being depicted here. Like the occult (hidden) meaning behind the symbol of wheat and the serpent, she too, subliminally, calls attention to the veiled Wisdom Goddess; whose veil is lifted by the entheogen, she herself presents in outstretched arms. Demeter was simply, one of many such, typical, female representatives.

The heresy hunter Hippolytus (170-236 CE) reported a striking eyewitness detail from the Mysteries that has baffled scholars through the ages: at the moment the initiates emerged from their encounter with the Mystery Light, the Hierophant who led the ceremony showed them “ a sheaf of cut wheat.” The action was considered to be “…the great and marvelous mystery of the ultimate.” JLLash

This knowledge, the church inverted. To incite fear into the meeker element of the masses, the church fathers made demons of the Gnostic seekers, while roasting the recalcitrant alive in public squares.

Isis and Demeter represented a far deeper cognizance than the banality of a pair of grain goddesses afforded them by the gatekeepers of the current paradigm. But, what else should we expect from purveyors of truth and justice, who teach their children that George Washington lied about chopping down a cherry tree, and spent his idle time skipping silver dollars across the Potomac River.

Christian images of the Knight slaying the ‘satanic’ serpent, is the church slaying access to the Wisdom Goddess. The actions in this church manufactured imagery, pose as a psychological stop sign to its parishioners: Do Not Look Here.

Our Gnostic Pagan history has become so obfuscated, remnants so tainted by the crafty pen of church fathers, or set afire to in public squares, but still, the blurry image can be rendered back into focus. Like in the days prior to now, the unadulterated Teacher plants are still here to assist us.

Consolidating what evidence has already been gleaned from the sparse remnant of Nag Hammadi texts, with that of the Dead Sea Scrolls material, fleshing out other missing pieces from extruded interpolations, buried within reams of critical language levied against these ‘heretics’ by the antagonist church fathers; resuscitating the view of a harmonic, pre-Christian life, between that of Anthropos, and those natural, subliminal forces which enveloped it, could very easily be accessible and reestablished through plant Teachers and Shamanic guidance. For the Indian continent of the Americas, what better light is there for this, than that which we already live amongst: to seek it in the ancient Gnostic wisdom of our Native Indian, brothers and sisters, would be re-rendering that which was taken.

Fragments from the ruins of Eleusis present three images that epitomize the organizational, method, and supernatural source of Gnostic illumination, which make this arcane allusion comprehensible. The architrave frieze of the Lesser Propylaeum at Eleusis shows the sheaf of cut wheat, “white barley,” the biological source of the mystic illumination. Next to this is a sixteen petalled rosette with eight interior and eight exterior petals. Next to this is the image of an upright urn, or ringed pillar.

The inner petals of the double rosette at Eleusis represent the initiates dedicated to retaining and developing the instructions received by repeated encounters with the Mystery Light, while the outer petals represent the eight initiates dedicated to interpreting, translation, and externally transmitting those instructions. These two roles were periodically rotated. — JLL

From Telesterion Architrave

From Telesterion Architrave

The rosette symbolized the organization of the Mystery cells consisting of sixteen adepts, eight men and eight women as depicted on the Orphic bowl of the winged serpent and the Pietroasa botros bowl, two rare surviving artifacts of Mystery rituals. In the Orphic bowl carved from greenish white alabaster, sixteen naked initiated, men and women alternating, lie on their backs with their feet touching. At the center of the bowl is the winged serpent of the Kundalini, the occult source of super-vitality, regeneration, and paranormal faculties that sits at the base of the spine. — JLL

Orphic Bowl

Eight and eight doubled are universal signatures of Mystery cells. The Temple of Dendera displays high on its external façade a large eight-petalled rosette next to the head of a bull. This graphic code informs those able to read it that the Mystery cell operating from that temple dated its inception to the age of the Bull which began in 4480 BCE. Although the Dendera temple is a late Ptolemaic construction (332-30 BCE), its zodiac attests to intimate knowledge of cosmic timing based on the great precessional cycle of 25,920 years. The members of the Denderic Mystery cell, possible source of Nag Hammadi codices, would have been familiar fully aware of preserving sacred knowledge going back thousands of years. The telestic method depended on initiates having a vast over view of human and planetary evolution.

The Tibetan meditation ritual invokes the visualization of “…a white eight-spoked wheel at the center of the heart chakra.” The wheel emerges from a flood of white light seen when the practitioner unites with the image of the female Buddha. The cross-fertilization of Buddhist and Gnostic movements occurred in the Gandhara region of the Hindu Kush, the extreme point to which Alexander the Great penetrated into inner Asia. — JLL

tibetan eight spoke wheel heat chakra

Before the temples, all of this was enacted in open nature, under the canopy of circling stars, within the majestic setting of megalithic circles, dolmens and menhirs. — JLL

The verbal Hermetic symbolism enshrouded in the famous inscription for which the Isis Temple is known, appears on the front of her temple in the city or Sais :

I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever me unveiled.”

I interpret: ‘Mortal Man’, as a reference to the ego bound Anthropos. Without the benefit of sacred entheogens, the veil remains shut and the Goddess Sophia unknown. Thus, with the child lacking its umbilical cord, nourishment severed, life is as good as dead and without meaning. Sounds like this should be Funk and Wagnall’s definition for the word: science.

wheatsheef on lintel, symbol of Demeter, 1st century AD, Eleusis

All ancient testimony of the Mysteries attest to the sublime encounter with the Divine Light; represented elsewhere as an Organic Light; the Veil of Isis, which no man has yet to pierce. This form of luminosity does not appear to ordinary awareness, owing to the filters of human perception, specifically the ego. The mental gloss of self-reflection is like light shining on a window pane that makes it impossible to see through the window. Once the ego melts away, the parameters of perception are shifted and the Light is there, a substantial presence in the world, soft, white and shadowless. It is also sentient, animated and animating of itself and what comes into contact with it. The Organic Light is everywhere and permeates all things. It does not shine on what is seen but from what is seen, emitting a soft white luminosity in which matter floats — JLLashevening stamp page break


R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Carl A.P. Ruck — The Road to Eleusis

john allegroJohn Allegro, an early participant in deciphering Dead Sea Scroll material, discovered widespread, early Christian use of psychotropic plants, was quickly bared from any further participation when he published findings outside the purview of the gate keepers. Allegro’s publication: The Mushroom and the Cross raised many eyebrows and drew such vehement insults that it completely trashed his credibility. His last publication, before his death was: The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Christian Myth.

john lash imageJohn Lash – Not in His Image

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      Thank you! Specialists? You mean the paradigm gate keeper. Watch out for the copper chisel and stone-mallet cabal. They, very much, lack any depth of thought, and are prisoners of their own dogma.

      You might like the research presented at the following link, with Graham Hancock discussing the emergence of evidence, coming to light, that suggests remnants of a high-tech civilization were relegated to the caves, as the result of a global cataclysm, around 12,500 BCE.

      Host: “The model used for dating the origin of human civilization is bound to the presupposition that human history has progressed in a linear fashion from the time of tribal hunter-gatherers. As established institutions hold firm to this view, evidence contradicting the accepted model continues to grow. This data is difficult to collect and is immediately discredited by the “credible” scientific community. In this inaugural episode, Graham Hancock discloses his evidence that suggests cataclysmic events brought a dramatic end to an advanced human civilization which predates recorded history.”

      Access to a number of video interviews, other than the interview with Hancock here, are well worth the $0.99, first month subscription.


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