Drive a Stake Through Monsanto’s Chemical Heart. Completely Turn Cannabis Farming Over to the Native Americans.

eleusis rosette

We need to nail Monsanto, before they nail us, again. The confluence of two major events: a growing popularity for the DECRIMINALIZATION of Cannabis, in conjunction with an approaching major election cycle, demands this to be the moment we drive a stake through Monsanto’s chemical heart. We may not have another opportunity to ride the crest of a wave such as this again. The alternative is to lay down and permit Monsanto a monopoly over Cannabis. Which it intends to achieve. Monsanto will lock the plant up in patents and Genetically Modified Variants. All one need do is to ponder the state of the current, official, drug industry to understand the joy ride the chemistry lab perverts will take on this poor commodity of a plant. Nothing sacred here my friends!

This is not a probability; if we do nothing, it will be a fact. Monsanto has been lurking from the shadows since 2011, carefully devising a strategy to do so.

I’ve got a counter strategy. Drive a stake through the heart of this chemical vampire. Monsanto’s heart is its wallet; and its Achilles Heel.

hummingbirds love cannabis 3To achieve this, I propose that, ‘we the people’, the real Constitutional government, turn over to our Native Indian, brothers and sisters, the complete operation, encompassing growth to harvesting to processing and packaging, of family farmed Cannabis Sativa; including the male variant, classed as Hemp, for textiles. All of it to be grown and cultivated on Native Indian land, already allocated them by the Great White Landlord. The only promise we, as guests, request of our Native brothers and sisters, is that all growth and cultivation of these sacred teaching/healing plants be accomplished in strict adherence to the most stringent, natural, methods that can be ascertained. We do this in honor to Gaea, our Earth.

Such lands, residing outside the clutches of Federal Dictates, mean those same shackles of levies, bonds, or corporate investitures cannot be weighed against these Mom and Pop farming operations. Thereby, exculpating any Native Indians from processes which, existing entrapment’s, encumbrances and depredations of Capitalism are designed to impair. Free from the strictures of the American Pharmaceutical Drug Industries; including their affiliates, the, so-called, Health Industry pill-pushers, along with those, windy, Game-Street speculators who breathe life into the existing miasma, the sacred plant can do nothing but thrive. Plus, Cannabis is naturally insect resistant.

We, the people, on the other hand, as guests to our Native Indian population, will comply with whatever measures these, Mom and Pop, Natural farmers deem fit, or necessary for growing and dispensing the Cannabis, healing/teacher plants, not only to us, but the entire world. As we all chip in as participants, the resurgence of the family operated farm, can once again become a reality. As Gai’s health returns, so will our. As for the Beltway embezzlers. I’ll leave that for you  to decide.

I know this small measure can never possibly repay the full extent of damages our, Native Indian, brothers and sisters have suffered under the cruel hand of those few who sit in those high places, but this restitution is certainly a beginning. Perhaps, with this new beginning, out of the kindness of their hearts, the indigenous population could be persuaded to accept the offer to farm Cannabis, on their term, as a 25% down payment , a fair trade. The rest will come later, when proceeds from the Cannabis/Hemp enterprise have sufficiently accrued position and funds, when buy back of fraudulently deprived, stolen property, frees the rest of Native Indian land, but not even then will we be able to count restitution fully complete, but it’s a beginning. Quite frankly, under such older wisdom, we would probably all be much safer, healthier and happier.

MASONRY & THE MYSTERIES OF ELEUSIS - Tupelo Masonic LodgeWith this bold token, we can all participate in healing the rift. With the restoration of Native Indian birthright; which was taken by slight-of-hand, in combination to slaying the chemical vampire, Monsanto, which keeps sucking our planet dry, we will have healed one bird while killing another, with the same single stone.

I know those few haughty spirits, resident on the hill, and in the money pits on Game Street, will be choking on this pretzel. But, let the belligerent bullies in the sandbox choke! It’s about time they choked on their own, arrogant, drivel.

Don’t laugh! Many other great ideas, at some point, have issued from, apparently, ridiculous propositions. This is another great idea!

If we sit and do nothing, this nest of vipers will continually, sell off Indian land, as they’ve been caught to do recently, inviting evermore foreign exploitation of resources to enter in, all to cover blatantly illicit private transactions, used to fraudulently satisfy payment of personal, international gambling debts. If these gambling addicts have a problem, let it be taken out of their own personal hides. These goons have no business busting up the kneecaps of its neighbors to satisfy such personal debts. Democracy? What a joke!




Monsanto Lurking From the Shadows Since 2011, is Preparing to Corner the Cannabis Market

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3 Responses to Drive a Stake Through Monsanto’s Chemical Heart. Completely Turn Cannabis Farming Over to the Native Americans.

  1. Itzel says:

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well wtterin article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will certainly return.


  2. “…the complete operation, encompassing growth to harvesting to processing and packaging…” Which means I can’t grow my own? How, in any way shape or form, is this a step toward greater freedom? I realize and appreciate the sentiment with which you’re approaching this but, no, this is a huge step backward. First of all, I have serious doubts whether anyone is even going to buy Monsanto product should they enter the field; secondly, this denies the individual his/her right to grow and consume a plant – already a constitutional dilemma. Giving Native Americans exclusive rights to this plant is not very different than giving it to anyone else – the point being that Nature is no one’s exclusive right. Please. Use. Your. Mind.


    • amunaor says:

      Whoah! Hold your ponies! You’re preaching to the choir here. The problem is that the corporate capitalists already see ‘Nature’ entirely as their ‘exclusive’ right, waiting there to be monopolized, monetized and exploited solely by them….if we don’t step in and become a stumbling block to their larceny….that is.

      I’m talking about maintaining the stewardship of the ‘sacred’ plant within the ‘equally’ sacred hands of mom and pop, ‘organic’ farmers. In this case, Shamanic Native American’s who have a much deeper understanding and reverence for such things, that reach way beyond the shallow scope of Monsanto and the Pharmaceutical Industry’s drive for power and profits.

      My proposal was simply a countermeasure to the status quo. Nowhere did my words intend to trample the ‘individuals’ sovereignty over their own conscience.

      Don’t think that Monsanto and the State sanctioned, drug industry (pushers) aren’t poised to deprive you of that sovereignty, with, so-called, ‘science’ claiming that right over public ignorance.

      Thanks for your observation and input.


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