Monsanto Prepared to Corner the Cannabis – Marijuana Market with Patents and GMO

Listen to the language of Nature

Listen to the language of Nature. It was our language once, but we’ve grown deaf and dumb to her.

Every direction one turns, they’re confronted by that ubiquitous stench of the Monsanto chemical conglomerate! Monsanto has been secretly lurking in the shadows since 2011, waiting for that ripe moment to strike. It’s deadly fangs, dripping with venom, are prepared to hit again. Known to the Native Americans as a Teacher plant imbued with Healing Spirits, this time the chemical giant has its sights on Cannabis, but more on that later.

It’s absolutely criminal how this tiny little chemical family of Monsanto thinks it can run roughshod over the entire world’s population of 7-billion; flogging the planet with a personal, unprecedented, chemical agenda, now tied to geoengineering and weather modification.

Monsanto might be a massive global chemical trust. But, it’s only a single decrepit family dictating to the world that it has no right to consume anything but Monsanto’s laboratory produced chemical counterfeits, rather than what springs naturally from the Earth. This arrogant ‘science’ is driven by nothing other than a lust for profits. It’s the epitome of the arrogant little tail wagging the dog. But, it does have an Achilles Heel: MONEY, and it can be deprived of what inspires it.


(Listen in particular, beginning at the 40 second mark.)

“Genetically Modified sounds too Frankesteinish. We need to change the language to make it sound more acceptable.”

In other words, eat, drink and breathe more poison…it’s good for you. What does the FDA do when toxin levels exceed the accepted norm? They raise the bar!

Clinton, and all those melon heads like her, think it’s a game, claw and scratch each others eyes out just to stay on the top of the heap. Little do they know, their self-serving actions are only slitting their own throats. To put it bluntly, they’re pissing into their own punch bowl.

Don’t worry folks! The right-wing lunatics will be plying these very same waters this Fall. Monsanto and GMO’s are going to be a Big political Hot Potato this coming election cycle. Why? Because the rest of the world has been beating up on Monsanto’s bottom-line, American’s better be prepared to feel the repercussions as Monsanto seeks to recoup its losses elsewhere: like here on its home turf. It’s time for the Thunderbird to ride the crest of a wave.

Now this is one sick puppy:

The American food supply is teaming with deadly pesticides. But, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), headed by former Monsanto lawyer Tom Vilsack, says people shouldn’t worry because pesticides are completely safe to eat! Therefore, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Refuses to Test Foods for Glyphosate (Monsanto Roundup) Contamination.

Monsanto literally barged into the Ukraine, big time, with the, typical, USA military boot in the door. Lured the Ukrainians in with a with 17-Billion dollar IMF loan, brimming with a contingency clause,  demanding Genetically Modified products be allowed to grow in Ukrainian soil. So, the world’s most pristine, East European farmland has been signed away, to be exploited by these dark, chemical magicians of Wall Street.


We’ve seen how Monsanto has detailed time and time again in these parts, its specialty in gaming the system. At its core, marijuana is an agricultural product. It’s a crop, and no crop passes freely through Monsanto’s GMO crosshairs.

These, people, for lack of a better term, could care less about using Cannabis to heal anyone or any thing. They’re in it to sell a product, bloat the bottom-line…period. They’ll do anything necessary to attract buyers to the product.

The company is investing millions of dollars into this new technology dubbed “RNAi.” With RNAi, it is possible to manipulate everything from the color of the plant to making the plant indigestible to insects. With medical marijuana, RNAi could be used to create larger, more potent plants effectively cornering the market and exceeding the legal demand for the plant.

Picture the future: Marijuana-laced edibles being sold at Ralph’s – behind some kind of glass case, of course – that have not only been made with GMO-infused peanut butter and Rice Krispies and flour, but the marijuana itself has been raised with genetically-modified seedlings.


The more lucrative Cannabis markets will be hustled by the Pharmaceutical Industries; tethered to military-DARPA desires, this natural Teaching/Healing plant will be raped and scrutinized for every dark, social engineering application possible. This is a guarantee, if we don’t step into the breach! It’s the nature of the ‘free-market’ beast.

These swashbuckling, white coat, Wall Street wizards, breathing perversions into their chemistry kits, have already forced this sacred plant to grow into a thirty foot tree. The Speculators will absolutely love this recklessness.



Why we should be worried. Just look at what these ‘titans of industry’ did to the tobacco leaf!

The problem traces back to fertilizer and World War ll, to a fateful change over from natural fertilizer (manure) to chemical fertilizer. The reason? The munitions makers needed the saltpeter from the manure to make explosives, so the government collected and carried off the manure used for centuries to fertilize the tobacco fields. The replacement, a chemical fertilizer made from the mineral apatite, was the tobacco equivalent of growth hormones, but it bore within it a deadly cargo – radioactive contaminants of several types.

Tobacco plants grow like wildfire on calcium phosphate fertilizer, providing an economic disincentive to return to the lower yield rates of natural fertilizer.

Most of us are clueless concerning the long known and largely unreported threat smoking poses to the smoker and bystanders alike – radioactive contaminants in the tobacco and the resulting smoke.

Philip Morris Document No.1004863883/3884, dated July 23, 1974 and titled “Disease and Radioactive Polonium” speaks volumes, saying in its damning opening sentence: “The subject of radioactive polonium in tobacco smoke has been with us for at least ten years. It has been fairly well demonstrated that the radioactive polonium is in tobacco and that it is found in excess quantities at the bifurcation of the trachea in smokers.

The more phosphate fertilizer they use and the longer they use it, the more radioactive the tobacco fields become. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because the industry is now using the same deadly contaminated fertilizer to grow Cannabis/Hemp too.

I would like to see this issue turn into a raging fire, in every state, as the coming election cycle begins to crescendo.

Decriminalize is more appropriate, not Legalize. It’s the criminal government which made the ‘plant’ illegal in the first place. It throws the blame back onto the rapist where it belongs; them, not the victim; us. Words are important!

DECRIMINALIZE this sacred teaching/healing plant! And, keep it from falling into the already ‘criminal’ hands of the Pharmaceutical Monsanto Industry!


Don’t laugh, at my next suggestion. We should gather our Native brothers and sisters around and put a bug into their ear. Let the idea grow like wild-fire. This idea will restore the Native, Indigenous population to the rightful heritage of their land. They should get in on the action of growing this healing-teaching plant, without being bound by Monsanto, or any of the other Pharmaceutical Industry strictures. The Natives have the upper hand in this because the Feds cannot trample on Indian designated property. Throw the Alien Government’s laws right back into its face. Let them eat crow. Use whatever entitled, arable land is available to grow ‘Traditional Cannabis.’ Help the rest of us unbridle ourselves from this dark, chemical beast. We really, really need this! The entire world will fall down upon its knees in thanks……including myself.

For a brand name (Symbol), I was thinking of a something that shouts wholesomeness, respect for the Earth, trust and sound values. In bold print: LAKOTA CANNABIS. In small print: Traditional, Non-GMO, Sacred Teaching Healing Plant. Maybe add a significant, striking, image. Nothing else need be said. Let the mind do the walking. The entire world would support this high ground. I feel it! What do you say? Let’s fire this Healing Doobie up, and like the Olympic torch, run with it!

hummingbird feasting on cannabisI can already feel my next blog post welling up inside: Native Indian Mom and Pop, Non-GMO, Cannabis farms save the world from chemical giant Monsanto and the Petrol-Pharmaceutical Industries.

As our dear old friend, John Denver, used to say: Far Out!

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