France’s Vassal Status Brutally Brought Back into U.S. NATO Fold at Charlie Hebdo

france shooting charlie hebdoThere’s a dimension to the horror placed on the French people’s doorstep that many other’s, with sight and ears, have begun to sniff out. The carnage left in the wake of a brutal assault upon the publishing facilities of Charlie Hebdo, was planned for maximum effect. And, like good little appendages of the State, the public relations firms of western media vigorously flapped their wings to fan those flames.

Paul Craig Roberts writes:

Another way of seeing the attack is as an attack designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington. The suspects can be both guilty and patsies.

The repeating strains founds in the chorus of this bloody mayhem are beginning to sound all too familiar.

Reading a few highlights from Richard Cottrell, one need not resort to any speculation as to what really transpired within the offices’ of Charlie Hebdo.

Richard Cottrell makes the following observation in his book: GLADIO – NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe – The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis:

Professor John Duffield of Atlanta State University observed where any collection of countries opts for an internationalized co-operative to oversee their security, invariably such a body ‘will reflect the calculations of self-interest of the most powerful member state.’ In other words, NATO was designed by a committee of one. Richard Nixon confirmed this in a remark: ‘Because NATO was a military alliance and we were in charge of it, NATO was pursuing policy ends that chiefly met American interests.’

So when Obama told the public that NATO humanitarian intervention in Libya belonged solely to NATO, well think again. The carnage visited upon Libya was made in the USA, specifically within the bowel’s of the Pentagon.

The next two paragraphs from Cottrell, nail precisely what irritated the nest of vipers and from which direction the venom was slung.

NATO Grand Master Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Austin The grand vizier of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, stated in March 2010 that NATO is a ‘permanent alliance’ whose self-appointed duties will include intervening in the affairs of so-called failed states. This too is a warning to back-sliders.

Once a member always a member; NATO reserves the right to over-ride any local national vetoes on any military expeditions so ordered by NATO war chiefs.

Keep in mind that the NATO war chiefs Cottrell cites, is in reality one chief: the Pentagon

A few days before this savage attack on French soil, French President François Hollande was venting steam over the insanity of U.S. sanctions against Russia, declaring that France will remove them. Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel has herself been daintily doing the two-step shuffle, avoiding NATA dictates, singing in harmony with Hollande on the sanctions issue, Germany, thus far, has been spared any such repercussions.

Paul Craig Roberts:

France is suffering from the Washington-imposed sanctions against Russia. Shipyards are impacted from being unable to deliver Russian orders due to France’s vassalage status to Washington, and other aspects of the French economy are being adversely impacted by sanctions that Washington forced its NATO puppet states to apply to Russia.

To add insult to injury, President Hollande, exhibiting a moment freedom from NATO bondage, sided with the Palestinian’s petition for membership to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

This action raised immediate hackles on Republican Representatives, generating such vindictive language, that its caused them to leave the rails completely. What right do these bullies claim that allows them to enforce such sandbox antics? Who invited these belligerents? Israel has refused membership to the ICC. In 2001, Bush Jr. severed U.S. membership, allowing the U.S. mega-military complex impunity to ravage and terrorize the globe while in pursuit of free markets.

U.S. Senate's "Gang on Eight" are pictured during a news briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington

The ‘let’s roll’, American senators have threatened the Palestinian leadership with a ‘strong response’ over its decision to join the International Criminal Court.

Senators Lindsey Graham, Robert Menendez, Chuck Schumer, and Mark Kirk issued the warning against Palestine in a statement on Friday.

Although German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is opposed to ‘unilateral’ Palestinian ICC membership, her Foreign Minister has implied he would approve a favorable vote.

One glaring historical example that bears out the probable cause for current events in France should speak volumes.

President Charles de Gaulle infuriated the United States when he suddenly pulled France out of NATO’s military command in 1966. de Gaulle survived several assassination attempts on his life. We need not speculate where those attempts issued from.

It was Sarkozy, in 2009, that lead France back into the arms of murder incorporated (NATO)


……..Anders Fogh Rasmussen, stated in March 2010 that NATO is a ‘permanent alliance’ whose self-appointed duties will include intervening in the affairs of so-called failed states. This too is a warning to back-sliders.

Obviously, France was exhibiting symptoms of a failed state, as a back-slider, required the surgical application of a GLADIO scalpel to excise the blasphemous growth of independence.

No individual anywhere will be allowed to ascend to political power that might threaten or impede capitalist aspirations.

NATO’s definition of a ‘FAILED STATE’ can be easily surmised by how the CIA/Pentagon Alliance has treated such ‘failed states’ historically who’ve dared stray from the multinational fascist model.

Once a member, always a member of the American Alliance, NATO!

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