United States Dictates Whims of Capital Markets Through NATO and United Nations

Aired on C-SPAN3, Senate Armed Services Committee – March 7, 2012 – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declares to Senator Sessions that the military can take action authorized by the UN or NATO before it is authorized by the US Congress.

In a sense, Panetta is absolutely correct. First of all, let me state that NATO is the United States and the United States is NATO. It’s the bully in the alliance’s sandbox. Once a Nation becomes an appendage, any attempt at severing itself from the hub is like pulling teeth. Anyone that tries to flee will experience the full savagery of the whole, dictated by the U.S. Pentagon. Its purpose is not to defend Democracy, but that of predatory capitalism. See Professor Duffield’s, and Cottrell’s remarks below.

Same goes for the United Nations. There is absolutely nothing ‘United’, or Democratic about the UN. It’s dictatorial, and again, the United States, the most rabid of the five security council members, is the bully in the sandbox, clutching the biggest fist full of nukes, terrorizing the entire planet with its mega-military complex. If anything, The United Nations should be called, The Prison of Nations, the same moniker given to Rome.


Richard Cottrell makes the following observation in his book: GLADIO – NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe – The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis

Professor John Duffield of Atlanta State University observed where any collection of countries opts for an internationalized co-operative to oversee their security, invariably such a body ‘will reflect the calculations of self-interest of the most powerful member state.’ In other words, NATO was designed by a committee of one. Richard Nixon confirmed this in a remark: ‘Because NATO was a military alliance and we were in charge of it, NATO was pursuing policy ends that chiefly met American interests.’

As to what Nixon might have meant by ‘American interests’ is anyone’s guess.

So when Obama told the public that NATO humanitarian intervention in Libya belonged solely to NATO, well think again. The carnage visited upon Libya was made in the USA, specifically within the bowel’s of the Pentagon.

NATO Grand Master Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Austin The grand vizier of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, stated in March 2010 that NATO is a ‘permanent alliance’ whose self-appointed duties will include intervening in the affairs of so-called failed states. This too is a warning to back-sliders.

Once a member always a member; NATO reserves the right to over-ride any local national vetoes on any military expeditions so ordered by NATO war chiefs.

No individual anywhere will be allowed to ascend to political power that might threaten or impede capitalist aspirations.

NATO’s definition of a ‘FAILED STATE’ can be easily surmised by how the CIA/Pentagon Alliance has treated such ‘failed states’ historically who’ve dared stray from the multinational fascist model.

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