New Year’s Day Was Assaulted by Sky Terrorists Laying a Swath of Aerosol Over my Home

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This is how I was greeted by the first day of the new year 2015.

I was awoken by the lovely sound of geese coming in for a landing onto the lake, near my house. How pleasant, I thought. Until I opened my eyes, that is. Through the skylight, over my bed, what accosted my vision was the typical nightmare of gossamer, drippy aerosol trails, drifting across my window pane, a known byproduct of geo-engineering. A depressing site I’ve grown accustomed to seeing, nearly, on a daily basis. Right behind the freshly laid aerosol plumes came a flock of squawking geese. They normally do squawk in flight, calling order to their flight pattern. But this time, the sound impinged my ears differently. I imagined them to be crying, as they winged their way through acrid sky, manufactured by the indifference of arrogant men. I felt my stomach roiling in the clutches of the billowing sight before me!

I quickly got dressed, turned on the kettle for tea, grabbed my phone camera, although missing what would have been the quintessential shot; with geese, described above, still shaking with anger, I did capture a few images, as the Sky-Terrorists were still at it, laying down another swath of aerosol soup, composed of: Aluminum Oxide, Barium, Strontium right over my house.

Although this activity has become a regular occurrence, what makes this event so significant is that it rings in the new year. At its birth, I witnessed Mother Nature weeping in the onslaught of depravity. For how much more arrogant can the human animal be than to pursue ownership of the weather?

Weather as a Force Multiplier HAARP: Owning the Weather by 2025

Science lost its voice, the moment it lent brute minds support with incinerating the population centers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today those same minds seek to dominate the natural heartbeat of the planet. Not to diminish the hardships of humanity, but to wield those forces against perceived foes of capital markets. Meanwhile, the Earth suffers of perfidious scientists imprisoned by their own dogma.

They Know and Plot Only Violence

Whispers fill the air, that the herd has grown unmanageable for the top-heavy pinnacle of power. These self-serving demiurges would love to cull the herd. But, never does one hear within the banter of such talk, a willingness of these planners to commit themselves to their own dark agenda.

Perhaps it’s too late to turn the top-heavy pyramid upside down, allowing the bulk of the people’s weight to keep power-mad egos in check, at the bottom.

How do we defend ourselves from these overflights, which, obviously, don’t have our best interests in mind? PLEASE WATCH!

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1 Response to New Year’s Day Was Assaulted by Sky Terrorists Laying a Swath of Aerosol Over my Home

  1. Hibiki says:

    Too many shlpeoe Too many shlpeoe want fast answers and won’t look into the sky.. much less a book. It’s obvious we can’t inform everyone only the willing and has little to do with tested IQ and formal education. This issue is a jigsaw puzzle with 10 thousand pieces or more .All the whistleblowers have been intimidated and a surprising number are essentially gagged when NSA issues them top-secret security clearances as mechanics and crew. Was this answer helpful?


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