HAARP Gone Dark Under New DARPA Management

This Is Not 'science'

Atmospheric Resonance

The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska has gone completely dark, reassigned to those wizards of depravity residing at DARPA.  Funded as a “black project”, makes it exempt from public scrutiny or review.

Nick Begich has noted that DARPA has been involved with HAARP since 2006, and was funded $8.8 million for new research to be conducted in the fall of 2013 and winter of 2014.

The official statement reads:

HAARP was shut down in early May 2013, awaiting a change between contractors who operate the facility. According to HAARP program manager James Keeney, “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is expected on site as a client to finish up some research in fall 2013 and winter 2014.” The temporary shutdown was described as being due to “a contractor regime change.” The Alaska Native Corporation Ahtna, Incorporated is reportedly in talks to take over the facility administration contract from Marsh Creek, LLC.

One spun internet article states:

 “The proximate cause of HAARP’s early May shutdown was less fiscal than environmental, Keeney said. As he explained it, the diesel generators on site no longer pass Clean Air Act muster.”

HAARP spokesman stressing environmental concerns? Give me a break!

This bit of PR is an outright lie! The reason the Gakona location was chosen for the chemtrail toxin mask FBHAARP facility was because of its enormous natural gas deposits from which to fire the array and power other necessities.

HAARP, now in the hands of diabolical DARPA should be a concern to everyone. Keep an eye of this one folks.

The big egos within: ‘science’, marketing and war aren’t going let this, equally big, cash-cow slip through their fingers.


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