Kissinger’s Depopulation Views From 1981

“Henry Kissinger re-tools Global 2000 as the US national security doctrine. Kissinger supervises a rewriting of the Carter administration’s Global 2000 report in order to sell it to the Reagan White House and the American public as “national security doctrine,”… This doctrine would commit the United States to a policy of reducing the world’s population by some 2 billion people in the next two decades: extermination on a scale 100 times that of the Nazis.

…while Kissinger and his controllers want to distance themselves from the environmentalists, they will work closely, as is their custom, with top-level leadership of such groups….”

Are the environmentalists the article is referring to, today’s geo-engineers on Kool-Aid?

A question of how population relates to foreign policy is broached –remember this is 1981 when these irritating problems ‘s bubbled to the surface — “Look at the teeming cities of the Third World in the slums of Italy. The demographic profiles of these countries are horrendous. More than half the population’s, in some cases, are below the age of 20. This means you have idle youth all over the Third World waiting to be turned into terrorists and revolutionaries. The US defense budget has to be geared to deal with these problems…”

Let me guess here, from which corner of the world does the preeminent example of converting youth into terrorists’s spawn, marauding the planet, destroying genuinely elected democracies and anything that gets in the way of their capital markets?


Henry Kissinger Retools Global 2000 as U.S. National Security Doctrine

Can you imagine the frenzied mental processes pinging off the corridors which currently harbor similar god-like emotions?

Of course, these self-appointed bright lights never include themselves, or their families, when it come to their plotting evil against others.

The video below describes the chemical and biological methods used covertly by the depopulation lobby to undermine human fertility, as well as the psycho-social and economical methods imposed on the world’s people to subvert the family structure. By this double pronged approach the global population is being forced into an unnatural process of decline with dire consequences on human health and irreversible damage to the intellectual and genetic endowment of humanity.

This socially engineered genocide is happening with the full knowledge and consent of religious authorities the world over….


GLADIO Lives Within the Deep Dark Twisted Heart of America
Weather Channel Joins Hands With Monsanto GeoEngineering

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  1. Zaylin says:

    A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for cotubirnting!


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