The Marketing of War and the Fine Art of Industrial Murder

Please! Stop with the niceties; the mushy poetry; the bombs bursting in air, in celebration of murder! Anyone joining the ‘Industry of War’, thinking their about to be trained to do nice things to other people, has a screw loose. The Industry of War teaches murder, and those who aren’t taught the fine art of killing, are taught the logistical aspects of supporting those who do murder.

veterans & memorial-day-barbarity-saleStop sounding like an ad for Martin-Marietta-Boeing, “We know who we’re fighting for”; instead, help end the ingrained psychosis of this criminal activity.

War is a disease, celebrated by the brutish warrior cult, incubated and perpetuated in the Petri dish of its collective mind, elevated whenever ‘Industrial’ murder becomes necessary for the justification of thievery, or subjugation. Under the guise of war, all beastial atrocities are acceptable. Just look around, we’ve woven an entire economy and social structure around murder!

The Global War on Terror: The Pentagon's Oyster.

The Global War on Terror: The Pentagon’s Oyster.

Many of those working class hero’s may have joined the ‘Industry of War’ looking for a payday, only because they were lured into its grip with a tempting fistful of dollars and promises of excitement; the demented join naturally because they expect to enjoy the sporting nature of the hunt. The fact of the matter is, a large number come out on the other end of this conveyor belt as trained serial killers; many missing arms, legs and other things; those poor working class hero’s will never regain their sanity, because, no matter how you slice, dice or mince the term, War is murder; legitimized mass murder.

Our greedy addictions feed ‘The Industry of War, who manufacture our serial killers, sent out in our name, manifesting as a vast, brutal military beast for securing those addictions. The Military Corporatocracy, along with its Wall Street enablers, obliges and panders to those addictions on both sides of the equation; couldn’t be happier.

090403-F-0681L-042Along with advancements in technology, has matured an escalating military desire to wash clean the mind and hands of those actually pulling the trigger, or reigning down murder from great heights. Psychologically decoupling the criminal act of murder, the blood-lust can now be deployed through technological barbarity, capable of distancing the cowardly adrenalin rush when extinguishing human life.

What the arcade like atmosphere is attempting to do is to mask the violent reality of combat, and military experience in general, for very specific purposes.

suspect killed in drone attack

What the bug-splats look like on the receiving end.

Drone cadet walks in, sits down in a remotely located hot seat; with built in live action feedback, designed to shake swivel and rock as the programmed software provides targets for the thrill of a lifetime. After the smoke clears from cadet’s flat-screen monitor revealing the body count for tally – known as bug-splats to the industry; sweaty, game-boy cadet signs out and walks next door to wash the action down with a burger with a shake.

What next to elevate the thrill of immersion technology? Trans-humanism – the melding of man to machine, pumped up on killer, anti-emotion pharmaceuticals?

Leave it to the Industry of War to pervert every aspect of ‘science’ that reveals itself!

How much longer will the rest of the neighborhood turn the other cheek before the proverbial straw breaks the camel’s back?

Iraq 1991. US Pilot: "It was like shooting fish in a bowl."

Iraq 1991. Highway of Death. US Pilot: “It was like shooting fish in a bowl.”

Noam Chomsky isn’t the only one to see the trees beyond the forest, recognizing and calling out the United States for what it really is: a leading terrorist state. Amnesty International has also seen through this fog of war. Even so, a great percentage of its citizenry continues to march in programmed lockstep when it comes to the celebration of this warmongering patriarchal death cult.

The right rattles Reagan’s godly bones whenever required to inflame the minds of their ranks, who allied with Chilean ‘free-marketeer’, Pinochet, murdered and killed in the name of Wall Street; and Negroponte; who served as U.S. Ambassador to Honduras from 1981-1985; the launching pad from which the Reagan administration ran its violent “war on terror” in its pursuit of Friedman driven Free Markets, while CIA was smuggling cocaine out to fund their black-budget enterprise. The U.S-backed atrocities and terror were condemned by the International World Court in The Hague.

A year into the invasion/occupation of Iraq, the Bush cabal hired Negroponte to oversee Operation Iraqi ‘Friedman’. Given Negropontes affinity for death squads, and his body count in the wake of overseeing Honduran purges, how and why everyone failed to smell the stench of rotting Iraqi corpses, this guy’s footsteps would leave, is beyond me.

Following WWII, Reinhardt Ghelan, Hitler’s right hand man; head of Nazi intelligence and secret police, was brought into the U.S. under Operation Paperclip, and served as a ‘model’ in helping to form and structure the CIA; Ghelan is founder and father of the CIA!

CIA history leaves a wake, replete with atrocities and bloody carnage! Yeah! Let’s go shopping while we feign respect, devoid of any thought, raise our glasses and toast to this blood-lust. Cheers to memorial day, veteran’s day and the global war on terror. Murder by any other name is still murder.

“Just look at that pile of dead bastards over there”, laughs the desensitized, disposable shooter.

WikiLeaks—Collateral Murder

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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