The Archons of Gnosticism and DNA Sequencing, a Convergence of Past and Present

Giving title to a product, or corporation, is not generally something that is taken lightly. The logo manifests at the behest of some long, deep seated thought or desire as it bubbles to the surface of the supplicant. In many cases, an ad agency will dedicate enormous sums of money in studying subliminal and psychological aspects as it relates to luring a fish into the net.

Yaldabaoth Reptilian Lord of Archons

Yaldabaoth Lord of Archons

John Lash, in his publication: Not in His Image, has popularized the term: Archon. Bringing the Greek political idiom forward from the pre-Christian era when Gnostics used the term to identify, what Lash refers to as an inorganic mental parasite, an unintended negative byproduct, which, according to Gnostic myth, entered the organic realm in the aftermath of the Goddess Sophia’s metamorphosis into Gaea, the Earth herself. According to Gnostic vision, the chief Archon manifest in the wake of this incarnation was Yaldabaoth, a ruthless, vengeful warmongering demiurge that would become the god of the patriarchs, with which Abraham secured a pact with promises that the Earth would belong to his seed in perpetuity. A lie, since the Earth was not Yaldabaoth’s to give.

Given the birthplace of the term Archon, and the Gnostic matrix from which it was plucked, it should speak volumes that it finds a nest in the present, as in this award winning game of genetic sequencing called Archon Genomics, designed to accelerate the sequencing technology.


In 2006, XPRIZE announced the Archon Genomics XPRIZE offering $10 million to the first team that could rapidly and accurately sequence 100 whole human genomes to a standard never before achieved at a cost of $10,000 or less per genome…..


A wet-dream, killing machine for the domineering aspirations of a corporate military industrial complex.

Then there is Monsanto’s chemically induced landscape. A bleak, desolate world where only genetically modified crops can survive the ravages of geoengineered weather patterns laced with toxic chemically droppings and other such displays of arrogant scientism pandering to Wall Street speculators.

Although XPrize was cancelled, I suspect the Archontic hand, as it relates to genetic sequencing will become ever more evident as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries madly scramble to patent every new discovery, while it strives to concoct its homunculus superman, a unpolar automaton divorced from nature.

To paraphrase John Lash, the activity displayed by ‘science’, Monsanto, the petrol, chemical and pharmaceutical industries mimic an Archontic agenda that is blindly compelled that we can make something better out of ourselves than nature has made us. A huge illusion that is the trap of the transhumanist agenda, the melding of man to machine.


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1 Response to The Archons of Gnosticism and DNA Sequencing, a Convergence of Past and Present

  1. Dip says:

    we all don’t understand, it would be nice if we could trust one athoner’s research or intent and come to an understanding. But as you mentioned you need to be level-headed and as accurate as you can be given the nature of such incredible possibilities. Too bad about Mac Tonnies, I have never heard of him before reading some of your posts. I am curious to read his work, but a little afraid to as well. See how well his (W.H.) introduction worked! Maybe I will give Revelations a listen to.


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