A Black Man Hostage in a White House

The Haunted House on Pennsylvania Avenue amunaorThe title of this blog is actually representative of two passionate young men elected to the office of US President; both hostages of a perverse culture.

One, whose naive but good intentions seem to have been psychologically neutered, a hostage of the true occupants, ghosts and progeny of the perpetrators, who’s savagery in Dallas of 1963 continue to dominate the haunted premises with an icy subliminal grip.

The other, dead,  lives on as a trophy within the celluloid of Zapruder’s ubiquitous reminder, a president’s head erupting into a pink aura of blood as his precious life, stolen, slipped from our presence; a silent jolt to those entering the cabal’s dark realm, quickly displaces any harbored thoughts of bucking heads with the ghosts of this entrenchment.

The seed was already sown prior to, but with every passing year since the bloody coup in Dealey Plaza, the ghastly miasma exuding from the vile creature metamorphosed that day, has grown ever more repugnant; its grip beyond reproach; its lawless global actions overtly bold and callous.

The Strange Presidency of Obama.

The other night I watched a documentary: JFK – A President Betrayed, narrated by Morgan Freeman. It’s obvious today, the seething hatred of those elements surrounding Kennedy did not evaporate with his elimination. That Dallas day, villainy had consolidated its grip on the ship’s helm, diabolically anointed with the blood of a man who dared move against this malaise; an incumbency that does not vacate the house with the passage of new election cycles.

To paraphrase an early statement Obama seared into my mind: “Power will not relinquish its throne so easily. It will take time.” Indeed!

How does one explain the radical, overnight switch in Obama’s character, from that of a campaign firebrand for Change to a complete whimpering stranger?

Absolutely nothing about the earliest days of Obama’s administration made any sense at all, nor did it match the passionate oratory of his campaign. The dismal contradictory trend continues today. Obama shed every ounce of steam, he the activist charged into office with, almost immediately became an impotent political eunuch. The JFK video, cinched it for me! I don’t know precisely how, but in my humble opinion, Obama was psychologically neutered the moment he officially set foot into the Oval Office.

Gordon Duff:

“During the last months of the Bush administration, a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was created to sabotage President Obama, politically, economically and, in particular, on issues of foreign policy. “Transition conferences” were held, procedures enacted, roadblocks created.”

Following Obama’s inauguration, each passing day in office, manifest as a growing despondency in supporters who witnessed the new President back-peddle on every single major issue. Towards the end of his first four-year term, we no longer knew the person. I too, utterly gave up on the man I thought would put a major chink in the decades old armor of darkness that had usurped the throne.

In light of the public record, no doubt, many will color this feeble attempt in perceiving salvation for Obama, via some strained comparison to JFK, a bit obtuse and pointless. I too thought I’d packed all of my hopey-wishey-changey toys back into the closet, but something here just won’t leave me alone!

The employment of fear, utilized like a cattle-prod to the mind, can drastically alter the course of an individual’s path.

Perhaps the firebrand at heart, within the clutches of futility, Obama decided to let the cabal have their cake and eat it too, or should we say, give out enough rope to hang themselves? Once the entangled scope of treachery which sought to undermine Kennedy is understood, the fact stands clear, Obama is just window dressing, not in charge of anything, a whipping post to be thrown out for public ridicule and humiliation when nefarious deeds go awry, a malleable tool within the grip of a rabid right-wing establishment; progeny of that 1963 psycho-drama which, through Zapruder, continues to play out in minds – no different from the planes slamming into the Twin Towers – still permeates the Presidential residence.

On the other hand, 45-years before Obama’s first inauguration, JFK’s moral indignation took a stand against the very beginnings of the now entrenched cabal, especially the newly formed CIA and growing industry of war; an arrogant, self-serving gang who relentlessly jerked Kennedy around, dealing behind his back, doing as they pleased without any recompense. At the end of the documentary, it dawned on me just how isolated and insignificant the Executive Office had become. In the end, JFK’s stubborn idealism was lured into a boxed canyon, to be snuffed out by a group of armed gunmen gathered together for, as E. Howard Hunt described it on his deathbed: The Big Event.

I ask myself, how else is it possible for an individual to provoke change into a futile and insurmountable condition such as this? In which case, why not just let these brutal white men have enough of their own bloody rope to hang themselves?

One poignant remark in Duff’s piece says it all, also linked to JFK’s speech:

“Obama inherited a government “infected” by the secret societies John F. Kennedy warned about only hours before his assassination.”


I would add to Duff’s remark by including: the heart of the entrenched bureaucracy still throbs with the disease of McCarthyism, whose feverish tentacles have roots in the rabid, right-wing, a progeny of the early CIA-Nazi nexus, affectionately referred to at the time as The Gehlen Org, lives and breathes today within the ranks of the National Security State and it Global War on Terror.

The metastasis of this miasma has experienced decades of evolution. When lanced, the ugliness of the truth that spills forth will not be very pleasant, but the disinfecting rays of the sun will wither away all the rotten tumors, while clean air rushes in to fill our lungs. The wakening, liberation, process is only upsetting because the cozy comfort of the lie is fracturing and falling away.

Significant Highlights from Duff’s Piece:

During the last months of the Bush administration, a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was created to sabotage President Obama, politically, economically and, in particular, on issues of foreign policy. “Transition conferences” were held, procedures enacted, roadblocks created.

Little did the “half blind” Obama administration know that the Benghazi attack had been planned and underwritten in Washington, the Potomac Institute, PJ Media (a Mossad front group), the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and “carry-over” operational units “formerly” under command of “former” Vice President Cheney.

Terry Jones

Terry Jones

As with recent investigations that have traced the training of the Maidan Square snipers to secret CIA facilities in Poland, Benghazi was also a CIA operation. Few care to remember that Reverend Terry Jones, of Koran burning fame, in another life spent 12 years in Germany running Gladio operations.

Erased from history but brought back for this brief moment is a news story from that day:

“WASHINGTON, Sept 12 (Reuters) – General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with Pastor Terry Jones by phone on Wednesday and asked him to withdraw his support for a film whose portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad has sparked violent protests – including one that ended with the death of America’s envoy to Libya.”

When backtracking the funding of the Jones film credited by General Dempsey for inciting what we now know to be the “cover and deception” operation leading to the Benghazi attack, the names Kagan and Nuland/Noodleman are seen repeatedly along with the front for the broadcast, PJ Media and a series of conservative think tanks.

Thus, Washington “Stink Tanks” as they are called, assisted by a YouTube Psyop media company and coordinated with corrupt elected officials murdered an American ambassador and used “SSG” insiders in the State Department to push blame onto the Obama administration.

This same method is being repeated in Syria, the Ukraine, with the Palestinian peace talks in addition to the sabotaged relationships with both Russia and China.

* Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War; a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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1 Response to A Black Man Hostage in a White House

  1. carolyn nigro says:

    It’s hard for me to feel sympathy for a socialist, homosexual puppet put in place by George Soros, the Builderberg Group, and the boys on Wall street.
    Tell me again what a well intentioned firebrand Obama was? I may have missed something.


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