Capturing Rainwater is Made Illegal by Government

capturing rainwater illegal amunaor From years past, I had heard many stories of people in South America being prosecuted and fined for capturing rainwater. Today, the illegality of capturing rainwater is slowly creeping across the USA.

Outlawing rainwater collection

I’m beginning to wonder if the ruthless, unholy market place is responsible, with GeoEngineering marketing strategists employing similar tried and tested Monsanto gimmickry to prosecute farmers discovered harboring Monsanto patented GMO seeds, illegally growing in fields without Monsanto contracts; actually infesting natural grown fields through wind and animal action.

I suppose, within the current perverted court system, it could be argued that, since GeoEngineered water falling from the sky, entering into rivers, lakes and streams, the manufactured water is really the property of GeoEngineering Weather Corporations who actually produced the fallout of the toxic soup. In which case, folks who subsist, in one way or another, on well or ground water could be, illegally, drinking and using GeoEngineered water, therefore subject to fines and jail time.

From the perspective of the defenseless denizens of the planet, who are, unknowingly, being exploited by these schemes, what would be the response of these renegade corporatarchs, if litigation were to be successfully levied on behalf of the defenseless masses, demanding accountability from these Aerial Terrorists, who think they have some sort of inalienable right to piss into our collective fishbowl without suffering any consequences.

Just because ‘science’ wears a white laboratory coat, who’s representative’s names are decorated with strings of impressive alphabetic letters, does not give it some inherent right to use the Earth, along with its sea of flesh, as some sort of personal petri-dish in which to carry out a privy of unimpeachable exalted experiments.

Because the process of GeoEngineering is laced with toxic elements, the activity is contaminating every aspect of the collective water supply, with impunity and arrogant disregard for the majority of other inhabitants. Why is it that no one has yet mounted a massive challenge against these debauched sky and Eco-polluters?

They get away with it because only god wears a white lab coat.

As with Monsanto’s GMO seeds replacing ‘natural’ heirloom seeds, soon we will no longer have any ‘natural’ water left, because the deviants of market driven ‘science’ will have polluted every single pool, which they will now bottle and sell to you.

If anyone finds concrete arguments linking GeoEngineered rainwater, hence all ground, belonging to a cabal of weather modification rogues, I would like to know the details.


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