Pseudo-god, Humans Fill Cold Void in Religion of Science


the good book of science amunaorIt’s the ‘science’ and the children of the ‘science’.

The dogma of cold, rational ‘science’ states that life, an accident, has no purpose, or meaning. In essence, ‘science’ is just as dogmatic and vehemently defended as any other religion; a spiritual abstraction, pulled down into the realm of form and perverted in the hands of men. It becomes a self-enforcing loop which feeds and guides the thought process.

Devoid of any meaning or purpose, lacking any empathy, it paves the way and encourages these high-priests; pseudo-gods, to act out that missing component themselves…hence the desire to create artificial landscapes and lifeforms such as the counterfeit trees (carbon scrubbers) and counterfeit pollinators, discussed in the links below.

The high-priests of ‘science’, overseeing wizards of the industrial revolution, who’s accompanied chemical artistry have mimicked aspects of nature, bound them by patents then offered them up to market speculators. Having trashed and polluted the host, now seek to fill that aimless void which their ‘science’ lacks. As pseudo-gods, these anointed, robe-clad representatives, speaking on behalf of the ‘Good Book of Science’, now, for the pleasure of its faithful parishioners, breathes new life into mechanical bees and trees, replacing the natural ones its dogma has callously destroyed.

Creation in the image of a vacuous dogma:

A Colony of Solar Powered Flying Microbots! The Harvard Robobee Project is funded by the National Science Foundation. Scientists believe these robotic bees will autonomously pollinate field crops, perform search and rescue tasks, hazardous environment exploration, military surveillance and so much more:

A Colony of Solar Powered Flying Microbots as Pollinators.
Counterfeit Trees as Carbon Scrubbers
DARPA Mosquitos Bio-terror – Spy Drones 

These wonderful manifestations will, no doubt, send all hardcore ‘science’ parishioners crashing to their knees in tears of joy.


Monsanto the new IG Farben and World Chemical Dictator
Weather Channel Joins Hands With Monsanto GeoEngineering
A Nation that Produces Nothing but Munitions and Bombs Bursting in Air

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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