Spilling Over in Ukraine, Gehlen Org, Nazi International, Global War on Terror

Red Hunters McCarthy and Gehlen

The ‘right-wing’ is synonymous with the old, rabid anti-commie league; the Paperclip Gehlan Org, which exhibited its ugly disgusting face during the McCarthy era. The same mindset which killed JFK, and others! It’s gangrene has grown into the “Nazi International”, moves and breathes under the “Global War on Terror” umbrella, at the behest of fascist capitalism.

In other words, the world bombed the German people back to the Stone Age, but the Nazi infection was given safe harbor, allowed to gestate and grow within the American security apparatus.

Currently, the events in the Ukraine may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back as global neighbors have grown weary of the nightmare, realizing that it’s not just a bad dream, but the sleepy dog is about to wake and snap loose from that unruly, arrogant tail that’s been wagging it for so long.

This confrontation is set to splay open those age-old chinks in the facade, causing a torrent of disinfecting rays of sunlight to rush in and nothing will stop it.

Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration – America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret:

An interview with Russ Bellant, author of “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party.”

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Russia to Drown Monsanto With Non GMO Agribusiness of its Own

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2 Responses to Spilling Over in Ukraine, Gehlen Org, Nazi International, Global War on Terror

  1. Zanzan says:

    is there a hell no button??? fuck motanso everyone know what they are and you guys are contributing to death and farm loss you guys are sick and greedy!! fuck your moms!!


    • amunaor says:

      Yes! It’s a bloody mess. Also, Monsanto has dropped its bloody chemical boot into Africa, with the blessings of the American government, whatever that is, since every representative is tied to the purse-strings of the Multi-National Monsanto Pharmaceutical, Petrol-Chemical Industries. But, there is hope! Russia has banned Monsanto and GMO’s, and China to has given it the cold shoulder, as well as many of our South American friends.


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