Russia to Drown Monsanto With Non GMO Agribusiness of its Own


Russia to drown Monsanto with an agribusiness market of their own, the model will be clear: heirloom seeds, no royalties, and no KGB spies poking around farmers’ fields to ensure that no patented crops are appearing in violation of licensing agreements, no lawsuits against farmers, vs the practices of Monsanto – IG Farben.

Dmitri Medvedev: Russia will not Import GMOs
USSA Congress Considers Blocking GMO Labeling

As discussed in an earlier blog, driven by US NATO intimidation; the levying of sanctions; military threats, Russia has teamed up with China to circumvent the bully pulpit of the dollar completely. Now that Russia has also embarrassed the world’s largest chemical giant, Monsanto, whose roots run deep into the old WWII Nazi chemical trust, IG Farben, compounded by the snubbing of the dollar as a world reserve currency, could this be what’s really spilling over in the Ukraine?

The neighbors, tired of the fraudulent, Anglo-American, money system along with its equivalently, laboratory contrived, fake food system, the ‘Little People’ have manned their pitchforks in revolt.

Other News:
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Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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2 Responses to Russia to Drown Monsanto With Non GMO Agribusiness of its Own

  1. Vishal says:

    Many groups are pushnig for legislation at both the state and federal levels, and California has a GMO food labeling initiative on the November ballot. New regulations would likely include testing seeds and crops


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