A Nation that Produces Nothing but Munitions and Bombs Bursting in Air

predator-drone-launching remote deathWe have blossomed into a nation that produces nothing of significance, other than the manufacture and export of munitions and death, enabling a corporate oligarchy of empire, a rule through brutish force, as it itself luxuriates and washes its people in the tepid bath-water of consumption, flowing from the taps of exploited, cheap labor everywhere.

We squander the entire planets resources, in effort to plunder the other; weaponizing the most brilliant thoughts that bubble to the surface into methods of killing, stealing, deceiving, then celebrating and crying about it; calling ourselves the enlightened ones.

A military economy can only thrive in an atmosphere of paranoia and fear. What other justification is there for its existence? An army of soldiers can do anything but sit on their bayonets; they must either use them, or lose them.


Machiavelli, in his ‘Art of War’, issued the following warning: ‘I say…that…governments should fear those persons who make war their only business…And if a prince has not enough power over his occupations when a war is over, he is on the road to being ruined. For no infantry can be so dangerous as that which is composed of men who make war their only calling, because a prince either must keep them continually engaged in war, or must constantly keep them paid in peacetime, or must run the risk of their stripping him of his kingdom. But it is impossible to keep them forever engaged in war, or forever paid when war is over; therefore, a prince must run no small risk of losing his kingdom.

When the Cold War ended, many of officers became unemployed or in fear of becoming so. Defeated or unemployed military officers represent a dangerous phenomenon in any society, and today this problem is compounded by the issue of a mercenary (or all-volunteer) force. Machiavelli wrote about precisely this in 1521, warning that unemployed mercenaries and professional soldiers would inevitably stir up coups and conflicts in order to procure jobs and glory for themselves.

After Vietnam, the US military exhibited the pathologies of a defeated army. These recalled the sociological developments among the defeated or embittered forces of Germany and Italy after the First World War, when defeated veterans became one of the initial constituencies of fascism. (WG Tarpley – Synthetic Terror)

“The forces in the universe are neither good nor evil, but, misappropriated, within the hands of those who perceive those forces as ‘weapons of power’, then do they manifest as evil.”

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