Does this Place Russia into NATO’s Category of a Failed State?

NATO will suspend all “practical civilian and military cooperation” with Russia because of its annexation of Crimea.

Russia as a failed state, what does that imply?

Richard Cottrell in his compendium: GLADIO, makes the following observations regarding NATO membership:

* Professor John Duffield of Atlanta State University observed where any collection of countries opts for an internationalized co-operative to oversee their security, invariably such a body ‘will reflect the calculations of self-interest of the most powerful member state.’ In other words, NATO was designed by a committee of one. Richard Nixon confirmed this in a remark: ‘Because NATO was a military alliance and we were in charge of it, NATO was pursuing policy ends that chiefly met American interests.’

* The grand vizier of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, stated in March 2010 that NATO is a ‘permanent alliance’ whose self-appointed duties will include intervening in the affairs of so-called failed states. This too is a warning to back-sliders.

NATO’s definition of a ‘FAILED STATE’ can be surmised by how they’ve treated such states historically, which have dared stray from the multinational fascist model.

* Once a member always a member; NATO reserves the right to over-ride any local national vetoes on any military expeditions so ordered by NATO war chiefs.

No individual anywhere will be allowed to ascend to political power that might threaten or impede Fascist capitalist aspirations.

NATO members will not practice impudently independent foreign policies!

Now that GLADIO’s dagger has been unsheathed, brandished in Russia’s face, threats of sanctions vehemently breathed, what bloody dark depths do the NeoCons (read Gehlen Org) intend to lead the rest of the world into?


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