Weather Channel Joins Hands With Monsanto GeoEngineering

Secret Face of the Weather Channel

Secret Face of the Weather Channel

The Weather Channel, has become an overt Public Relations Firm for GeoEngineering – Weather Modification. The Weather Channel is now in bed with Monsanto:

The Weather Channel Interactive and Monsanto Announce New Agriculture News & Forecast Web Site

But why all the secrecy on the one hand? While at the same time injecting mind conditioning images into television commercials geared to subvert public opinion through a sort of subliminal acquiescence, silently painting this arrogant science of GeoEngineering as an acceptable activity.

TV Commercial With Spray Trail

TV Commercial With Spray Trail

I was watching a few minutes of idiocy on television the other evening, when my eyes happened to catch such a three-second subliminal injection, portraying a GeoEngineered aerosol spray trail in the background of a car commercial. I was absolutely stunned with disbelief! I rolled the program back, froze the image and snapped it with my camera. This blatant example of the public’s psyche being unscrupulously massaged should set off alarm bells in everyone’s cognizant senses. It demonstrates precisely the arrogancy of military science and desire to “Own the Weather.” Without any consideration for any consequential side effects such renegade ‘science’ might pour down upon the rest of Earth’s dwellers.

What sort of pathology drives such reckless individuals to strive for such heights? Where is the FCC and why, as a ‘Public Servant’, isn’t it informing the population of the deadly toxins being dumped on them? Why the stealthy knife in the back approach such as this?

As an agent of Chemical Giant, Monsanto, would not this make the Weather Channel complicit in crimes against humanity and ecocide against the planet, especially since this global spraying campaign is dumping billions of tonnes of toxins into our lungs and environment?

Even NASA is involved in the mind conditioning process. The following cloud chart from NASA is being used in public schools to teach your children that artificial chemical clouds (chemtrails) are safe and natural:

VIDEO: New NASA Disinformation — Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren

A cabal of speculators to inspire weather modifiers — sailing profits to greater heights:

The Cast Of Criminals Who Purchased “The Weather Channel” For 3.5 Billion

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lynn Forester de Rothschild have taken a 70 per cent stake in Weather Central


Nick Begich : Technology to Control the Weather
Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization
Weather as a Force Multiplier HAARP: Owning the Weather by 2025
U.S. Congress Endorses Term “Chemtrail” Categorizing it as Exotic Weapon

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4 Responses to Weather Channel Joins Hands With Monsanto GeoEngineering

  1. spiritwolf04 says:

    Reblogged this on The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!! and commented:
    Before you know it, there will be a lot more joining with Monsanto. We have got find a way to stop this, and to stop them from spraying us with the poison. Thank You for doing this blog it’s a great one. 🙂


  2. Pleaseshutup says:

    Sorry– there is overwhelming edevince for GW. That bus trek across the north pole occurred in winter, where the whole area still freezes over. The ice tends to melt in spring/summer. It is melting more and more in the last ten years, and they say soon, there will be no ice at all there in the summer. About the polar bears, please provide a link.


    • amunaor says:

      I agree. Global warming is a fact. But, it is the result of arrogant science, GeoEngineering and not any natural processes. The U.S. military has been in pursuit of ‘Owning the Weather’ since 1945 and bragging about it. Now that they have tipped the world over, they want to point the finger at everything else but themselves.


  3. Gilannk says:

    That’s a skillful answer to a diicufflt question


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