Silk Road II Hacked $2.7 Million Missing Usual Suspects CIA/NSA/FBI

What a charade this is! Bitcoin takes another punch below the belt

$2.7 million-worth of Bitcoin stolen as successor to dark web market place Silk Road is hacked.

  • Predecessor Silk Road was shut down by FBI last year after founder snared
  • Reincarnation Silk Road 2.0 was launched but ‘hackers’ exploited weakness
  • They used same ‘transaction malleability’ that struck BitStamp this week

By now it should be obvious to everyone who the thieves obviously are. First ask yourselves the following questions:

Who stands to gain most in the wake of a Bitcoin failure?

Who has the capacity and capability to employ such intrusive measures, then propagandize the blame onto another?

Who has been caught with their hand in the cookie-jar before, confiscated funds, then bragged about it?

No big mystery here folks. It’s definitely the usual suspects! Out prowling the electronic highway, on behalf of the Fiat Ministers, looking to bust the kneecaps of Bitcoin. It’s obviously a moneyed Public Relation’s campaign to demonize Bitcoin in the public mind, so the thieves can abrogate the people’s prize unto themselves, through sleight of hand.

Legalized Plunder

If the ‘Little People’ had had the law on their side, these highway robbers would long ago have been behind bars.

Don’t let the Wall Street fraudsters steal your Coin!



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Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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