Hitler’s Escape to Argentina

It was Hugh Trevor Roper’s: The Last Days of Hitler, that pretty much set the official narrative about what transpired in the bunker during the closing moments of WWII. In light of recent discoveries though, Roper’s work is now incomplete.

Investigative journalist, Gerrard Williams isn’t the first to break the back of the official narrative, with his publication of: Grey Wolf. Peter Levenda, in his: Ratline, has documented the complicity of American military, CIA and Vatican, with assisting the worst of the Nazi element in escaping to Argentina, including Hitler.

Finding out that Hitler actually survived at this late date should not startle us. Seven decades of American war history is proven to have been a big lie, only to encompass those lies we are already familiar with: the slaughter of JFK and 911, seems to typify a deep-seated pathology here…ensconced within the towering Gehlen edifice known as the CIA/NSA.

To shield the guilty and complicit from prosecution, under the guise of National Security, the Chase Bank, possibly others, still have documents pertaining to activity from this period classified as such.

Others have written about how this, born again, Fascism has mushroomed out from its center into what is known as the Nazi International. In other words, we bombed the German people back to the Stone Age, but the Nazi infection was given safe harbor, allowed to gestate and grow within the US security apparatus. Today we are to seeing the villainy of its next incarnation bloom all around us as the global war on terror.

But, slowly, the over-ripened stench continues to creep out into the sunlight, to overwhelm the lungs of all who pass by.

Joseph P. Farrell – Peter Levenda – Nazi Secret Technology – Secret Govt
Blowback: Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Father of CIA – Don’t Look Back

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope


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