Forbes Blasts Bitcoin Deflecting Attention Away From Real Crooks

Forbes Media Chairman and CEO Steve ForbForbes, with barking bull-horn in hand, the representative of – too big to jail – financial criminals, steps up to the podium and begins snapping at the heels of Bitcoin.

This is not the first time anti-Bitcoin fulmination has sounded from the Public Relations soapbox of Forbes, intent on inflaming the naive public mind with insinuating, baseless mental vomit.

It is all deliberately designed to snare Bitcoin into their own hands. The general public, unsure as to what Bitcoin is really all about,  is simply a ripe, malleable target for its’ early demonization. No doubt, the heat on this rhetoric will be cranked up several notches as time passes, with Bitcoins growing acceptance.

If you think the current debauched financial landscape of fractional reserve chicanery is bad enough, god forbid these same criminals get their hands Bitcoin….debauchery on steroids, within the noose of personal regulatory ropes.

Silk Road is just a distraction. The best medium for gun running and money laundering is still the Dollar. Bitcoin has simply become a thorn in the side of this racketeering monopoly.

Forbes is nothing more than a PR think tank devised to sell Wall Street’s toxic soap to an unsuspecting public.

The Forbes article begins:

We used to assume that crime happened in predictable places: dark alleys and dicey street corners.

In reality, some of the biggest crimes in the world are occurring in home offices and in family basements: some of the most sophisticated and damaging financial crimes just need an internet connection.

As for crimes operating out of basements, one only need remember Oliver North running guns to the Nicaraguan Contras out of the White House basement, under Ronny Reagan, funded in large part with drug money?

How about Enron? Which was nothing but a big money laundering service; the BCCI; the HSBC the rate fixing scandal of LIBOR. The list is endless!

Criminals like the internet because they think it’s anonymous.

How many internet connections does the fraudulent Federal Reserve maintain, along with its financial espionage branch, the NSA?

So, Forbes, give us a break with these crocodile tears!

Four Salvos Over Bitcoins’ Bow Fail to Bring it Down

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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