NASA End of Mankind Future War Document UnEarthed

What makes the following presentation rousingly poignant is that it is produced by Foster Gamble and his wife, Kimberly Gamble, establishment members from the Proctor & Gamble family, who have taken it upon themselves to use their massive resources and access, to boot the banksters’ status quo, monopoly right where it hurts: square in the gonads:

Foster discusses how to shed the massive weight of fraud perpetrated by the International Banking Industry; the Pharmaceutical Industry’s choking monopoly on health and healing; the Oil Industry’s belligerent monopoly on available alternative energy options along with a massive, barbaric Industry of Force to shore up all the other nefarious activities.

Once the debauched pinnacle of power, its pyramid turned upside down, with the weight of the people on top; imbued with the knowledge of truth, wisdom and understanding, then can the ravenous appetites of depravity be extinguished. On the other hand, if solutions are to be left within the loving hands of establishment elites, their ‘bottom-line’ driven results are too grim to imagine:

Obviously, the revelations outlined within the NASA Future of War Document were never intended to pierce the collective mind of ‘The Little People’. Upon the heels of the documents revelation, NASA officials feigned that it was a public misinterpretation.

Even if NASA’s claims that the entire document was speculative in nature, its speculative gaze into mankind’s future on Earth is a very dark and dire one indeed,  designed only to elicit a big grin from the already massive Military Industrial Complex.

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Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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