Banksters Find Civil War-Era Law to Undermine Bitcoin

The wily wolves are still at it, cloistered within their hallowed sanctuaries, salivating in their private huddles, hair-triggered to pounce at any opportune moment to bring down that, untethered, Bitcoin child, an irritant and growing threat to their con game.

This is the same gang that tried to resurrect an antiquated Espionage law by which to hang Julian Assange for lifting the rug, thereby forcing the U.S. government to breathe in the dirty rotten stench of its own decrepitude. The same bankster gang, mind you, that pursues espionage all over the planet, via its international spy ring, the NSA.

Now the Jackals from Jekyll Island fear losing the power of the purse to Bitcoin.

Could a Civil War-Era Law Stamp Out Bitcoin? | Wired Enterprise |

The article states: The government isn’t likely to take any action anytime soon, says Derek Dion, a University of Illinois law student who recently published a paper on Bitcoin regulations in the University of Illinois Journal of Law Technology and Policy.

The fact it’s now published in a law journal means that it stands ready to be applied during those desperate moments.

Again the article points out: “I doubt the government will use anything like the Stamp Payments Act to do this,” he says. “Instead, they will use the common criminal statutes. For example, the existing narcotics, money laundering, and wire fraud statutes.”

In the world of: too big to jail, except for the public whipping post: Bernie Madoff, the ‘Wired’ article is total hypocrisy since none of the “common criminal statutes” – anti-racketeering (RICO) laws – have been brought to bear in bringing down any of the major fiat crooks – the Wall Street Banksters – that daily launder drug money and commit wire fraud.

This is just another surreptitious attempt by the Fractional Reserve Fiat Mafioso to bust up the kneecaps of Bitcoin.

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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