Public Pressure Causes General Mills to Snub GMO King Monsanto

I wonder if Kashi has taken steps to address this….

Kashi GMO Use Creates Controversy, Backlash On Facebook And Twitter:

I’ve been buying Kashi brand cereal for a long time just because the box contained the words: NON GMO CERTIFIED – ORGANIC and NATURAL, in big, bright, bold letters plastered all over their product; but here, it seems, they’ve proven to be liars, hucksters and charlatans no different from the rest of the predators hawking their wares.

Or, is there another side to the story?

Kellogg has lost tremendous market share because of its warm relationship with Monsanto’s GMO world.

Just the other day Post, another Monsanto/GMO friend, announced that Cheerios would no longer contain any GMOs. Is this for real, or will it simply play out in more word game gymnastics?

Because shoppers have migrated towards Kashi, Non GMO, manna from heaven products, pressure to change has, no doubt, been brought to bear.

It appears General Mills is now capitulating, whose steering committees are squirming in their seats, because public pressure has implanted a bypass circumventing their wallets.

I wonder how much of Kashi’s negative press was actually instigated by a, jealous, hidden hand? Even so, Kashi doesn’t appear to have been completely honest. Or has it?

But…..let’s not become complacent, and risk falling back into another marketing snare!


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Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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1 Response to Public Pressure Causes General Mills to Snub GMO King Monsanto

  1. Novita says:

    From a grateful but depely concerned heart: Grateful for your strong and good voice, as well as your point about the term natural , yet I am depely concerned with your definition of GMOs and the lack of knowledge it implies. Before I explain my apparent criticism, I want to say that it seems we all have a different combination of pieces of the puzzle, and somehow we have to get together and get it together if we want the human species, and perhaps all life on earth to survive.My concern is that you wrote that, 1. Proposition 37 will require all foods that have GMOs in them (that is, genetically modified organisms that are engineered to withstand extra applications of chemical herbicides and pesticides) TO BE LABELED. but this definition is not at all a true umbrella of meaning, and does not even refer to the other primary type of GMO which is probably most likely to evoke a more immediate and emotional understanding in the reader. The other primary GMO type is the Bt toxin type that usurps the life of the plant turning every cell into an insecticide-producing factory. Until the plant is processed or cooked, the cells in the Bt organism will CONTINUE to produce fresh insecticide. This means that the fresh, raw corn-on-the-cob-look-a-like being offered through Walmart is actively and continuously producing insecticide as it lies there right next to conventional produce. Apparently, that will continue until it runs out of a sustaining medium.In the film Genetic Roulette a young mother is forced to emotionally re-experience the near-death of her young son after he ate raw corn! Even after being cooked, there may be 19 times more pesticide in the GMO, than would even be used in conventional pesticide application Just the tip of the iceberg


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