Four Salvos Over Bitcoins’ Bow Fail to Bring it Down

China’s Bitcoin Two-Step & Side-Step

The Bitcoin child has, literally, walked into the banksters gaming houses and pissed into the financial machinery of the one-armed bandits.

Protecting the House of Games

Protecting the House of Games

Bitcoin began life in China as the Messenger that would save the world from the abuses of Fiat. As such, the Chinese welcomed it with open arms. But just as suddenly as the welcoming arms beckoned to embrace, so too did they repel when on Saturday, the 7th of October, when pronouncements of rejection began tumbling down from the high-towers of China’s financial industry, lambasting Bitcoin as a blight; a tool for laundering money; used to buy and sell illicit drugs and a plethora of other dark, nefarious activity conjured up.

As these proclamations echoed the world over, Bitcoin’s market activity unraveled in uncertainty – what an easy prediction, given foreknowledge of what was about to transpire. I wonder if there were any sharks introduced into the tank beforehand with instructions to gobble up the sinking morsels?

When I first heard the Bitcoin denunciations leap from the mouth of China’s hierarchy I felt like I had been gripped by one of those Déjà vu moments. The accusations railed against Bitcoin, piercing the ear, reflected not Bitcoin, but instead mirrored precisely the deeds of our ‘too big jail’ robber barons, whose monopoly on algorithmic formula, designed to screw everyone daily, has become challenged. Exhibiting concerted pangs of fear, the barrage of contorted verbiage, blatantly aimed for the face of Bitcoin’s mounting acceptance, finds its roots, not in China, but obviously emanates from the Anglo-American bankster cartel.

How else should we construe the launching of such overt impediments onto the path of Bitcoin’s skyward traversal?

It didn’t take long before Western symbiotic parrots, picking up on the noise arising in the east, began exacerbating that noise with injections of their own muddled anti-Bitcoin venom.The internet became immediately awash with echoed words emanating from the choir of party-line, wall-street ‘specialists’, demonizing Bitcoin.

Epicenter of China’s Bitcoin Quake Triggered by Provocative Trade Deal

Why China’s rapid about-face on Bitcoin? Why the lame denigration of Bitcoin? Stating that Bitcoin can no longer be publicly used as a vehicle for purchasing goods or services, but that the good people of China may continue purchasing Bitcoins as if it were a commodity. The statement is a slight of hand to lump Bitcoin into the same debauched Fiat basket which is in fact bought, sold and traded as a ‘debt backed’ commodity – represented by paper which has no intrinsic value whatsoever; a tool of the banksters by which to steal labor, through cycles of inflationary printing.

Before morphing into a commodity, money was a means by which to carry the fruits of ones labor within the pocket.

A cursory attempt to ferret out the triggering mechanism leading to China’s unexpected revulsion of Bitcoins brings the fracking culprit right into the spotlight.

We all know that China holds trillions of bogus of U.S. debt dollars; that certain BRICSA nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are seeking to end U.S. dollar supremacy as a world standard. To these many eyes, the western system of finance has become so unbearably tainted with fraud, become such a thorn in the side of every common folk, into whose veins its needle is planted from the moment of every birth, Bitcoin is a decoupled blessing. We also know that the BRICSA nations have requested their gold to be repatriated after being held in the New York Bank since the end of WWII.

All of the above variables have triggered heavy inspiration and involvement in the arrival of Bitcoin, especially engaging the populace of the BRICSA nations, who the World Bank has sucked dry.

With the dollars’ supremacy under threat, we see NSA briefed magicians of Fiat summon provocateurs to undermine Bitcoins’ aspirations, and permeate the public mind with suspicion and doubt.

It’s ironic that with the arrival of Prime Minister David Cameron in China, moments after throwing China a provocative trade bone, China reeling with such inebriated joy, blessed the occasion with celebratory mutterings that subsequently triggered Bitcoin to falter and shed nearly 50% of its gains.

David Cameron’s actions in China were none other than those of a surrogate, representing the wishes of his masters within the NSA/Bankster realm of consciousness, was sent to activate Bitcoin destructive psychology:

British Prime Minister David Cameron brings a slew of business deals to China; and Bitcoins come under the scanner.

Obviously the Banksters of Fiat are outwardly exhibiting signs of inner queasiness. They know not what to do with this child that has sprung up within their midst, boasting to undo the cabals millennium foundation of gaming houses. They cannot destroy Bitcoin by undermining the very same network of nerves it itself depends on, for it was DARPA that created the schemata of neurological networks, designed to guarantee packet transmission regardless of which node or nodes became incapacitated. To obliterate the entire internets would be tantamount to committing suicide.

It is understandable why the lords of fractional reserve fiat would feel a bit wobbly over Bitcoin; even the most rabid entrenched mega-virus has its Achilles heel.

In comparison, Bitcoins’, so-called, excesses are virtually non-existent; that Bitcoin provides access to guns, drugs and money laundering, is just a double-blind, a dark spectre caused to waft through the public mind to keep it at bay. All the guns and drugs a person desires are already obtainable by any purchaser bearing the appropriate fistful of fiat. As for money laundering, we need not look any further than the current – too big to jail -gang, who cast dispersion’s only to deflect blame onto their victim.

Bitcoins Silk Road Affair A Dim Candle to HSBCS Drug Money Laundering

Whistleblower: HSBC Still Laundering Money for Terrorists, Drug Cartels

Bitcoin’s Silk Road activity isn’t even a pimple on the ass end of this debauched financial monolith. What worries the banksters more than anything else is the loss of its centrally held noose around public wallets. Once the subjugated debt surf becomes alert to the fact that an untethered lifestyle is available, a crescendo of fleeing slaves will leave the banksters holding an empty bag with no returns.

As JFK once spoke out of his intentions to scatter the nefarious CIA into a thousand pieces, so too does the democratization of money/labor exchange via Bitcoin threaten to scatter Fiat’s sinister monopoly unto the four corners of never-never land. The Bitcoin child has, literally, walked into the banksters gaming houses and pissed into the financial machinery of the one-armed bandits.

This has now been the second major salvo over the bow of Bitcoin, lobbed by outside forces. The first being a public lancing of the Silk Road pimple, both  causing Bitcoin to drastically, but momentarily slump in value, only to get up and climb back up those stairs from which it was so rudely toppled.

How much are these purveyors of Fiat shell games willing to spend in effort to support already overtaxed Federal Reserve printers? Soon the stacked pulp, screaming from the other end won’t even be worth the cost of carrying ink on both sides of the note. If it continues beyond that, we are likely to witness a blank unsigned commodity with only a, font size 8, serial number imprinted on the edge, if that.

UK Royal Mint Counterfeits Bitcoins

As I began stitching this story together, a third and fourth volley has been lobbed over the bow of Bitcoin. This time from the UK Royal Mint intent on counterfeiting crypto-Bitcoins, by minting physical gold coins; a touchy-feely, bait and switch con-job, which, like all other schemes, will be morphed into an inferior clad metal. And, JP Morgan’s attempt to censor Bitcoin via patent and copyright law.

We should expect many more odious ill winds to breathe against Bitcoin. Such stirrings can only attest to the fact that the Bitcoin’s father: Satoshi Nakamoto has certainly yanked the scarlet thread destined to unravel, to bare all of that base odiousness before the disinfecting rays of the sun. What a stink it shall be!

UK Royal Mint Working On Plans To Issue Gold-Backed Physical Bitcoins

The Royal Mint’s surreptitious attempt to create physical Bitcoins is nothing more than to confuse the issue; to discredit Bitcoin among those who do not understand either Bitcoin or fiat currencies, all to the benefit the criminal banksters themselves.

The Royal Mint’s Bitcoin scam is nothing more or less than an attempt

JP Morgan Seeks to Censor via Patent & Copyright Law

Finally, the latest and fourth shot over the Bitcoin bow has emerged with JP Morgan seeking to resurrect some old crypto-currency patents found accumulating dust in Morgan’s vaults. We’ll see how far JP Morgan is able to throw its’ weight around in either subjugating Bitcoin or censoring it via copyright, the same way that the record industry has tried to stop file sharing, by attacking people on the basis of violating copy right law. JP Morgan and other banks may very well attempt to use patent law as a means to disrupt the flow of Bitcoin, but they don’t have a case because their patents don’t really compete with Bitcoin:

JPMorgan’s “Bitcoin-Alternative” Patent Rejected (175 Times)

How many more lead balloons are these pretentious con-artists going to release? They’ve already been made and with Bitcoin the people have spoken: Bitcoin is “the” dragon slayer.

Darkwallet, Set to be Released February 2014
Federal Reserve CEO, Bernanke Speaks and Bitcoin Swoons
The Animal Farm

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

Peace, Best Wishes and Hope


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