Day After Giving Thanks Americans Brutalize Each Other Over Black Friday Sales

The day after Americans give thanks for what they already have, they brutalize each other with fists, tasers and pepper spray in effort to obtain even more blessings for themselves, while trampling each other to clear the shelves of Black Friday sale items.

2013 black friday shopper controled with pepper spray.





Exited Black Friday Walmart shoppers are brought back down to earth with pepper spray employed by establishment owners.

2013-11-29-Santa Arrested Protesting Low Wages at WalMartjpgWhile the stampede for baubles and trinkets was going on inside, outside another Walmart, Santa was being cuffed for joining in a rally to protest the abysmally low wages with which Walmart employees are expected to survive on.

End of Season SalesI wonder to what level it will escalate when the next  shopping day arrives?



Wounded Knee and Black Friday Overstuffed Turkeys (2012)

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